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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - 2K president: 'There's nothing in my body doubting that the Wii U will be successful'

This means Carnival Games U, not GTA U.

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Reggie is cute

He's obviously so confident that WiiU will be a success that he don't have to support it for it to do well. Simple logic really....

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bioshock was over rated so was Borderlands


coolguy said:
bioshock was over rated so was Borderlands

Borderlands is an excellent game. There's no need to start bashing games just because they don't appear on the platforms we have/prefer.

OT: This sentence

“Nintendo always impresses and surprises me,” he said. “The team there has so much knowledge built up over many, many years. Nintendo always finds its crowd.

Tells it all. 2K won't change as they expect that WiiU owners will be the same ones that had the Wii.

Don't expect much from them.

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sethnintendo said:
I knew that pic was going to be here! I'm hoping for decent 2K support. It would be nice to have a GTA on a Nintendo home console. At least I picked up all the other ones for cheap on a Steam sale.

You will get carnival Games and you will like them.

Nothing in his body lol it sounded so weird in my head reading that title.

I guess Reggie personally readied his body

His body is ready.

His developers are not.

There is nothing about this that says he will consider offering the Wii U support.

He believes the Wii U will succeed; that does not mean he feels he will be a part of it. Carnival Games 5 it is...

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