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Call of Duty doesn't suck. People just hate it because it's popular.

Anyway, 90/100 Metacritic.

mZuzek loves to pre-order

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Hopefully 84-85.

man-bear-pig said:
62 metascore

This is such a ridiculous trolling attempt. Haven´t you predicted a 96 matascore for Halo 4?

My prediction: 88 - Metacritic.

We need moar Zelda, now!

We need moar Unchartedzz!

We need less DLCs.

It could be 100, still won't be enough to get my dollar... Never again.

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COD will always be better than Halo ^.^ and I will give it a 87.


One of the most fun multiplayer franchise.

Some reviews should leak this week, hopefully.

Blackops 2=Halo


Best multiplayer.

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