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Just a quick read. Dont know if this is old news or not, but it was new info for me.

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Jay520 said:

Well, if you remembered it after all this time, then it must have been a big deal. When it comes to usernames, I know how important these things are. They're our trademark. They are who we are. And if you change the username, it's like you're changing a person's character. Y'know?

Aaanyway, yes, the game appears to have some nice AI. I wouldn't say THE best, but still amazing.

It really wasn't a big deal, it's just an instance I remember (since it's a common typo from more than just you). That's the point, typos happen, not a big deal. Won't kill you. Now, I would prefer if you let it go, it's irrelevant.

As for the A.I., yes I'd say it's THE best, since no game has been quite dynamic (everyone who's played it agrees). 


Joel & Ellie.

This is a part of the game that they’re deciding whether to put it on the game or not… But - I managed to find the script for it! Let’s share it with the fans and hope it’s in the game. It’s a really awesome moment between the two! Please publish this! 

*Joel struggles with an Infected on top of him*

*Ellie hears the struggle and runs into the room*

Ellie: “Oh shit! Joel!”

*Picks up an AK-47, hesitantly aims, and fires. Effectively killing the Infected on top of Joel*

*Joel pushes the corpse off of him*

Ellie: “Oh shit! … Man.. I shot the hell out of that thing, huh?”

*Joel looks at her and gets back on his feet*

Joel: “You sure did..”

Ellie: “He was going to kill you..”

Joel: *Sarcastically* “He wasn’t going to kiss me…”

*Looks at Ellie holding the gun, and takes it from her possession*

Ellie: “I’ve seen you kill a hundred of those things and nothing. Ugh - I feel sick…”

Joel: “Why did you hang back?”

*Ellie shoots him a look*

Ellie: “Glad I didn’t right?”

Joel: “I’m glad I didn’t get my head blown off…”

*Ellie looks offended and stands up*

Ellie: “You know what? No. Not helpful. How about: “Hey Ellie, it was either him or me thanks for saving my ass!” .. I don’t know, you got anything like that for me Joel?”

*Joel looks down at his gun, then looks at her and points*

Joel: “You know what your problem is?”

Joel: “You got to work your way up to a gun like this” *laughs*

*Walks over, places the AK-47 down and grabs a small pistol*

Joel: “You need something smaller”

*Reaching out the pistol to Ellie, but she backs away*

Ellie: “I don’t know, what about what you sai-“

Joel: “I changed my mind, here go ahead”

*Joel gently places his hand on her shoulder is reassurance*

*Ellie grabs the gun*

Joel: “Now, don’t be scared of it, but don’t be too over-confident either.”

*Points to the T.V*

Joel: “There. The T.V will work. Go on hold it up.”

*Ellie lifts the gun with one hand and points*

*Joel rolls his eyes*

Joel: “With both hands…”

*Ellie’s place both hands on the gun, and grabs a firm grip*

Joel: “Now, take a deep breath”

*Ellie exhales gently*

Joel: “And just- squeeze..”

*Ellie looks at him bewildered*

Joel: “Go on now.”

Ellie: “Okay..” *Exhales and shoots the gun, hitting the T.V*

Ellie: “Aww!”

Joel: “And that’s how she rolls.”

*Looks at the gun and laughs*

Ellie: “Well I guess that’s one way to bond.”

*Joel hears a noise* 

Joel: “Sssh sshh!”

*Joel looks around and turns to Ellie*

Joel: “You hear that?”

Ellie: “Haha, very funny..”

*Joel walks away and another noise is heard, this time louder*

*Ellie looks at him and nods*

Ellie: “Okay, I hear it.”

*Joel picks up the AK-47 and dashes out of the room and looks out the window, Ellie stays behind with the gun and takes cover*

Ellie: (yells from the backroom) “Hey! You weren’t supposed to leave me behind again!”

Joel: “Ellie! Get over here!”

*Ellie makes her way into the room slowly*

Joel: “C’mere.”

Ellie: “Well?”

*Joel points out the window, revealing an unknown object or sight*

Ellie: “Whoa - so cool!”

*Ellie puts her hands on the railing, with the gun still in her hand*

Ellie: “Can we go down there?!”

Joel: “Whoa, whoa. Why don’t you just let me hang onto that.”

*Gently takes her gun and puts it in his back pocket*

*Ellie and Joel get up and leave to go investigate*

Joel: “Wait.”

*Ellie turns around and look up at him.*

Joel: “Just so you know - It was either me or you.”

*Referring to having him get attacked by an infected rather than her*

*Ellie smiles and puts her hand on his shoulder*

Ellie: “You’re welcome.”


Should they add it? ^ ^


Yes, I enjoyed reading that!

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Chevinator123 said:


What are you trying to say here?


CGI-Quality said:
Chevinator123 said:


What are you trying to say here?

Yes they should add it lol

Chevinator123 said:
CGI-Quality said:
Chevinator123 said:


What are you trying to say here?

Yes they should add it lol

Well, I'm not sure how you expected anybody to understand that.


Impressive. I like heavy rain and Beyond style gameplay. Various camera angles and control gestures are perfect to feel those situations, like shaking the controller upwards to hit the ceiling window of the train. Feels like I need to play Heavy Rain again... Thanks CGI-Quality for merging these two games into one thread. Should be easier to follow both.