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Forums - Movies & TV - The Hunger Games Early Reviews Are In: So What Are the Critics Saying So Far?

non-gravity said:
The Running Man?

The Hunger Games has about as much in common with The Running Man as Star Wars has with Star Trek.

Enjoyment of them is not mutually exclusive.

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I hope the first movie is a faithful translation of the book.

I also hope that later movies are not faithful to the books because the books were really mediocre and I may even classify the third as flat-out bad. I was able to overlook the really weak world-building done by Collins in the first book but as that stretched through books two and three, it was too much to bear. It didn't help that she kept going to the same well again. And Again. And again.

"Hey everybody, let's put Katniss in the Hunger Games AGAIN! Whooooo, this plot device isn't tired at all!"

It's painfully apparent that Collins had absolutely no idea where to take the series after the first book blew up.

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good to hear, my wife is a fan of the books so i'm sure i'll be watching it good or not.

Hell yeah it now has 26 positive review (no negative ones) and an average rating of 8.1!!

This is so glorious!

Can't wait to see this movie this Saturday in IMAX :D

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Went to see the movie yesterday and I loved it from start to finish. It's a really good movie adaptation of the book (though that was to be expected, since the screenplay was written by Suzanne Collins herself) and adds some new interesting layers to the story written in the books (like the reaction from the people of the Capitol, the commentaries of what's happening in the arena, all the things that we never knew about, because Katniss wasn't aware of it too).

The cast also puts up a very good performance, especially Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, both are very convincing in their roles (at least in my opinion, since that's how I pictured both Katniss and Peeta).

There were a few changes that did dissapoint me though, especially the final stretch with the Muttations and the fight atop the Cornucopia, mostly because there was no particular reason for the changes themselves and it took out a lot of the emotion that the final scenes had. Even with those dissapointing changes, I still loved the movie and I'm very eager too see Catching Fire when it comes out.

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That description does make it sound like Battle Royale. I'll probably watch it at some point, although probably after I've read the book.

They did just about as good a job with the source material as they could. Jennifer Lawrence is fucking awesome. The cinematography was beautiful. There were shortcomings in the movie but given the constraints of adapting a book to film, I give it a big thumbs up.

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I personally liked it. Imma give it 9/10. for benchmarking, I gave transformers: the revenge of the fallen 5/10


personaly I think the movie didn't do the book justice... was actually kinda dissapointed

Still I'll give the movie a 6/10

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