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Forums - Movies & TV - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Trailer #1


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Pissing my pants with excitement.

Seriously can't wait!


Oh my god. Do we really have to wait a whole year?

Looks pretty good! I will have to wait for a trailer closer to release though.


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December of next year? FUUUUUU-

Looks good...don't want to wait until next December

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Releasing a trailer too early is not fair ! I'll have to wait for the movie a full year D:

Gotta agree with the top comment in the video

"Now I know how 14 year old girls felt when the Justin Bieber movie was coming out."



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God that is so going to be the best movie of 2012, Peter Jackson is the man!

It's really unfortunate that we have to wait a year for this movie to come out though :/