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Forums - Movies & TV - Marvel needs to reboot the X-Men movie series.. pronto, is just pathetic compared to recent Marvel movies.

Marvel has absolutely zero control over whether or not a reboot happens. It's entirely 100% up to 20th Century Fox. The licensing contract for the X-men movies requires that Fox regularly continue releasing X-men films, at least one every 3 or 4 years (can't remember the specifics).

So as long as Fox keeps the franchise alive, they're going to continue controlling the X-men name.


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The_Joker_Product said:
First Class was the best Superhero movie this year.

At least someone is on a similar chain of thought to me.

As for other Marvel films, Iron Man 2 was rather poor and I'm less than excited for the Spiderman reboot. The way the production of it developed out of Spiderman 4 just completely messed it up for me, like launching a serial then halfway through the first series they decide to scrap it and start all over again. Just doesn't work for me.

I would have much more excited for Spider-man 4 than this reboot. They didnt need to reboot it Spider-man 3 was no Batman & Robin.

I don't agree at all. The first two X-Men movies were awesome. Ian Mckellan is an awesome Magneto, he stands apart from the mindless vilains hell bent on world destruction we've seen in so many other movies. Also, I understand why they put the focus on Wolverine, movies need a lead character and his backstory is much more interesting than Cyclops'.

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But First Class had some of the best acting in an X-Men so far. No quibble over who's who's father/mother or dog will stop it from being an excellent X-Men film.

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Is Xxain really saying they should dress up like this?

thank god X-men used those cool suits.. made them step into the 2000s instantly..

And why does Magneto, who was a teenager in WW2, need to be played by someone younger and fitter? Ian Mckellen was awesome and the right pick


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Mordred11 said:
The_Joker_Product said:
First Class was the best Superhero movie this year.

First Class is one of the best SH movies ever.

same here!! and it was not even Logan based... so there's your reboot!!

I'm a huge fan of the X-Men, it's true the original trilogy was heavy focused on Logan and while still a blockbuster it wasn't AAA, he even got his own movie which is another story, although it was a great movie as well

for me, First Class is the reboot, and it really is an amazing movie

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NobleTeam360 said:
Im personally tired of Marvel movies.

+1 for this.

Last marvel movie I enjoyed was Ironman 1.

Wolverene, Ironman 2, Spiderman 3, Thor, Captain America were all crap.

Xmen First class was a little better but nothing worth bragging about compared to how good the first 2 movies were.

Personally I just bought the whole X-Men series on BluRay and love them. I think the continuity of the series with the latest X-Men First Class was the best X-Men movie yet. Wolverine isn't the only Xmen character to be recieving as series you've got Deadpool and other Origin movies in the works. Then you have the possible sequels to First Class which I am guessing would be phenominal, their is no need to reboot the series a continuation would be far more preferable.

Honestly the Batman reboot is pretty good but often reboots suck. As for Spidey yah I had problems with the earlier three movies but all three were pretty good, I'm not sure that the reboot will nescessarily be better if they are great but I fear they will be worse.

I'd rather see the series continue rather then reboot. Honestly Spidey would have continued had the actors and actresses signed on for a fourth movie. But since neither of the main actors could agree on signing up for a fourth or fifth, sixth movie it wasn't like Sony or Marvel were just going to let the Spiderman license rot.

With Xmen their is no need to reboot, the originals are perfectly fine and with interchanging characters reliance on specific actors or actresses isn't as binding as say Spiderman.


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The only quality superhero movie I had ever seen was Watchmen. The rest was either crap or simply a good popcorn movie ( TDK included). So I dont care. I actually enjoyed Wolverin, even tough I have to admit Im usually drunk when I watch Marvel or DC movies :))

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