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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - black wii bundle, new re-design coming to NA.


Nintendo America has announced that from the 23rd October they will be releasing a new Wii console bundle which includes New Super Mario Bros, a special Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack CD, a black Wii Remote Plus controller and a black Nunchuk. The new bundle will be offered at a suggested retail price of $149.99. Anyone thinking of picking this up?

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I might get an extra Wii, especially with that soundtrack included ;)

It's really a good deal. $50 game, $60 controller, soundtrack... almost makes up for the lack of backwards compatibility.

Is this the edition shorn of GameCube functionality?

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Mr Khan said:
Is this the edition shorn of GameCube functionality?

Looks like it...

At this point those who wanted GameCube functionality already have a Wii, but for it to be the same price? I guess the fantastic soundtrack makes up for it. :P (Although I find the Galaxy 2 soundtrack to be even better :3)

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Mr Khan said:
Is this the edition shorn of GameCube functionality?

It's likely, but with the Gamecube being so cheap (and you probably have one either way) the only point of playing its games on the Wii is that the Gamecube component cables are crazy expensive and as such, you can't do that on an original. And you probably lose the controller ports, too.

Is this the only model that'll be produced on right now?

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looks cool....

Thought the redesign was only for Europe, but still 150? There goes that rumour of the 99 quid Wii.

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They can redesign it as much as they want the games for it are still crap. Has a good Wii game even come out this year?

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If this is the package design it looks pretty good!
Although this was expected, it would be great if Nintendo added more value like Galaxy 1/2/All Stars to offer a more complete Mario experience!

I will get on my knees, and I will beg my wife for it. Or I can just save my overtime to buy it myself.