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- Revolutionary in its own right

- Limited in Capabilities

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E for Everyone.

8.5/10 - A fantastic platform in it's own right, but the weakest market leader IMO. It is just the best home console this generation IMO, but also has easily the biggest missed potential of all of them. Here are my summary points:

+ Arguably the best 1st and 2nd party line up of any home console ever

+ Easily IMO the best exclusives of this gen's home consoles

+ Full BC

+ Amazing VC library with the Hanobi Festival (something I wish PSN had)

+ Changed the video gaming industry and how it is seen

+ Best traditional and motion controllers of current gen consoles

- Stupid 42mb WiiWare size limit

- Internal memory is far too small

- Highest resolution is 480p

- Graphically behind other 7th gen consoles

- Weak 3rd party line up outside of MH3 and DQX

- Online infrastructure (outside of shop channel and BBC Iplayer) lacking

- No DVD functionality

It has a lot of gems that are completely glanced over. I'd say it's a fine console.


- 480p
- Graphically weak
- An abomination of an online service
- Horrible controller, it actually ruined one of their first party games (Brawl)
- Weak third party line-up
- No media capabilities
- Lack of great new first party IPs and even when a good game is developed it so badly distributed that it's nearly impossible to find.
- Large gaps between any good releases
- Needs a much larger hard drive
- Re-iterating on old IPs without introducing new ones
- Massive focus on one type of market for the majority of it's life-cycle
- Motion controls are implemented into nearly every game for no reason and it's never superior to an actual controller.

- Fully backwards compatible with Gamecube games.
- Home to some interesting niche games (most of them are pretty bad, but their uniqueness makes them interesting).
- It's sturdy.

Bet with Conegamer and AussieGecko that the PS3 will have more exclusives in 2011 than the Wii or 360... or something.

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+ The best first party line-up IMO
+ Great Controller
+ Full Backwards Compatibility
+ Great Virtual Console

- The worst third party line-up in videogame history
- Was great until 2010, but this year it had a horrible line-up
- Weaker than HD consoles
- Awful Online
- Bad Internal Memory
- WiiWare Limitations




had fun games
had a monster hunter


failed at using its revolutionary concept to create interesting fun and working games(other then zelda).
last gen tech
not a lot of good games

Being in 3rd place never felt so good

It had a few good games



Great games. Fantastic VirtualConsole. And it has internet too.

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