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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Which of these Nintendo games should I pick up on sale?

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Which one would you pick if you had 15 bucks to burn?

Mario Galaxy 56 70.00%
Super Paper Mario 9 11.25%
Mario Super Sluggers 0 0%
Zelda Twighlight if I did... 10 12.50% your money for... 5 6.25%
RCTjunkie said:
spurgeonryan said:
RCTjunkie said:
Galaxy for sure!

I also recommend Mario Strikers Charged, assuming you have friends. (Which I probably don't need to)

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Ummm....Yeah I strikers was fun? Obviously it has sold well, so it was fun for many. I like sports games with mario, I just don't know though.

Strikers is extremely fun. There is a lot of strategy involved and seems to be the sadly ignored but still awesome cousin of Super Smash Brothers.

I don't really know how to open-endedly explain the game, but I can do specific questions.

What do you mean by strategy? By the way besides what I said up above I did not pick the game up yet, And now this interest me! Wasnt this one made by square?

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Not Super Paper Mario. Because it's both not Super and not Paper Mario.

I'd go with Super Mario Galaxy which is a great game.

Obviously Super Mario Galaxy.

I agree with RCT Junkie that Strikers Charged is about 1,000 times better than Sluggers. I don't care the ridiculous cheating AI when you are the playing one player game though.

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Super Mario Galaxy is the obvious choice here.

I can't comment on Sluggers as it was never released here, which leaves Galaxy and Super Paper Mario. Super Paper Mario is a great game, just a disapointment compared to previous games in the series, I'm glad PM3D is returning to it's RPG roots. Super Mario Galaxy on the other hand is one of the best games I have ever played and cannot recommend it highly enough.

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galaxy without a doubt

Super Mario Galaxy, straight up! Super Paper Mario was a train wreck, and not the fun to watch kind, no, it was the kind of train wreck that involves one man darting in front of a train. Plus there was this one level where you had to literally log in hours just to get out of this goddamn sweatshop! When you have to grind for hours just to advance one level relatively early on in a game, you know you're playing the wrong game. This is why you'll never catch me playing a tabletop RPG, because it takes too fucking long to advance a character.

And as for the new Blink-182 album, it's taking it's sweet time so don't worry: you'll probably have more money to spend by the time it comes out.

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Sluggers is rather weak. However, Super Paper Mario is good (but not as good as the earlier Paper Marios) whereas Galaxy and Twilight Princess are exceptional. Except for Sluggers, all are very worthy of your money.

They are all soooo good!!!
Gosh!! hard! too hardf! sweting!!!!! Go for... Maybe!!! YES! GALAXY!


Am I the only one to consider Super Paper Mario VERY GOOD????i did enjoy every second of it!

However I am still to unwrap Thousand Years Doors... and that is suppose to be soo good!

I will play it in the next 3 games... promise...