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Forums - General Discussion - How high are your standards when looking for a relationship?

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How high are your standards?

Very high. I only date pe... 6 27.27%
Moderate. I date people who are on my level. 12 54.55%
Low. I will date someone ... 2 9.09%
Non-existent. I have to b... 2 9.09%

When you decide on someone to be your girlfriend/boyfriend how goodlooking and well put together do they have to be? Basically what are your standards and how do they work for you? Do you only date people "out of your league" so to speak or do you aim lower to achieve more efficient results. 

So do you have standards and if so, how high are they and does that impact how many people you date?

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I want chicks that are around a 7/10 or a 6/10 depending on personality as that can be a big difference.


Very high on personality, not very high on looks , unless shes extremely fat, thats when you know she doesn't even care about her own health why should she care about you?

all over the place. i only see wht i want ever so often.

Moderate. I like the crazy chicks.




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Oh also I don't like over weight girls, call me shallow what ever you please I deserve it honestly, but I would find it extremely hard to date someone over weight especially since I have a slim physique.


I would say average looks with slightly-above average personality is sufficient for me.

She's gotta have the same morales as me. Follows the same religion, must come from a good family and have a set goal in life (I hate indecisive women). And she's gotta be somewhat athletic. That's moderate I guess because I don't find the "super hot" girls attractive (in the sense of, I gotta date that girl).

I like a good match that blends with my quirks. As far as looks, I know I've gone out with some dogs and some stunners, but after like the 3rd date it's really how I feel about them that's important.


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Tell me a funny joke!

At the end of the day it's anyone who can make me laugh and who shares the same aspects yet differences that will ultimately enrich our relationship.