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What Is The Best Fighting Game Franchise Of All-Time.

Street Fighter 24 22.43%
Tekken 17 15.89%
Mortal Kombat 15 14.02%
Soul Caliber 7 6.54%
Virtua Fighter 2 1.87%
Dead or Alive 3 2.80%
Marvel Vs Capcom 1 0.93%
Super Smash Bros 36 33.64%
Other (Please name) 2 1.87%

I felt as smash bros. brawl was the best considering a noob can't just jump in and button mash for a win, but it is easy enough to pick up and have loads of fun.


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Soul Calibur gets my vote.

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Super Smash Bros. I played that yesterday on my buddies 64.

Tekken as it has always had good entries.

King of Fighters (lost track of how many damn games are out there!) and Killer Instinct need to get mentioned to. Though KI hasn't been around in years and KOF might end depending on sales of the new KOF.

I'd say Street Fighter for 2D because I have never played a disappointing 2d SF game. Probably my favorite SF is Third Strike despite the weak roster.

3d wise I would go with Virtua Fighter.

Overall I would still say Street Fighter.

It's just that simple.

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Street Fighter for the SFII soundtrack alone.

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It's a tie between VF and Smash Bros for me. I chose VF as I figured it would have less votes and someone needs to cheer on one of the best fighting game series ever.

Man, I love me some Super Smash Bros. Sure, it's not a traditional fighter, but then again... that's why I love it above the rest.

Honorable mention goes to the Marvel vs. Capcom series.

It's a tie between Tekken and Mortal Kombat for me.

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