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silicon said:
Supports my opinion that games do not sell because of quality but because of marketing...

It makes me wonder about every other industry. How many Tools, Clothes, Books etc. are bought and never used worn read...

i absolutely agree

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I can't clear most of my NES and SNES games. Not because I don't want to. They were too hardcore for me.
Now, I just don't have time. Usually I'd stick to 1 handheld game and finish it before I swap cartridge.

I'm apart of that 10%. Of the 168 games (including 20+ I haven't started) I have entered in my VGChartz collection, I have finished 74% of them.

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salaminizer said:
pezus said:
salaminizer said:

I have a lot of games I begin to play and stop because I buy new ones. I understand that people may not finish games, but I also noticed that there a lot of games on Steam with low % for quite early achievements. only 71% of Darksiders players got to Vulgrim, and I say only because you don't need a lot playtime to meet him!!

Many buy their games very cheap on Steam when there's a sale and don't play it until much later on.

ah, right, I forgot that it counts you in the stats even if you didn't even download the game. I wish there was a way to check only those that actually ran the game once.

Haha speaking of... I'm one of those 71%!  Darksiders was like... 5 bucks in the last big steam sale.  Couldn't pass it up.  I really should download that soon, maybe after my 8 man M&M Heroes 5 match.

I finished less than 5% of games that I played. Mostly because I lost interest in particular game, or got stuck somewhere.
I remember playing FFX, finishing 90-95% of the game, and decided to start from the beginning because I thought my team wasn't good enough to battle Sin (I didn't even try to go to Zanarkand). So I started from the beginning, completed 60-70% game and got bored with it.

Last game I finished was NSMB DS (but without hidden worlds). Now I'm playing OoT 3D and I'm sure I will finish it :)

I never play a game with intention to complete it. I play to have fun, if I'm not having fun I just look for something else.

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One of the excuses trotted out when a games length is questioned is the maxim people don't finish games = people want smaller games , but with anecdotal evidence showing games getting shorter overall and no corresponding increase in completion in fact the opposite shows the lie to this, it was always going to be that the reason people don't complete games is multifaceted and this in and off itself is not necessarily a problem, also a games length should be determined firstly by the game itself and what the developers want to do with that game and their budget and time frame not by some dogma that says games need to be smaller.

yea the ones that play COD

Radziel said:
 "I remember playing FFX, finishing 90-95% of the game, and decided to start from the beginning because I thought my team wasn't good enough to battle Sin (I didn't even try to go to Zanarkand)."

I did the same thing with Legend of Dragoon. I was level 58 and grinding in the last dungeon when I decided to just start over to try and enter the dungeon again at a higher level. Little did I know that the maximum level for Legend of Dragoon is 60.

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I finish about 75-80% of the games i start eventually. Some of these huge rockstar games are hard to finish or just too distracting as far as the design is concerned. The only GTA game i've finished is San Andreas and i don't see myself ever finishing GTA4. Okay never say never. Too many games and not much time. Back when i was younger few games but more time.

Ofcourse i am not including steam games in this discussion. Everyone knows the steam mantra. Buy 10 play one. :P

Of course! If a game is old or I just run out of time, I will usually not get back to it either because of laziness or I was not interested in it in the first place. If I buy it and am not interested in it really, then it is either part of my 100 + 64 collection, free, or I bought it super cheap just to have it and play it. Because I don't rent anymore, not even redbox.

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