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Forums - Sales Discussion - Is the 36o's sales because of suppy?

man, there are 360's in every game store! 360's are everywhere! the wii is the "houdini" of the consoles! it disappears everytime it's on the shelf!

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Houdini disappeared every time he was put on a shelf???

Sorry dude, couldn't resist.


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How can i resist not to post, a thread can never have enough Aussie representation.

Back on topic and off australia; the supply issues with the 360 are only minor, and I the matter of the fact is, that the 360 will be outsold by 100k this week to the PS3, and there is definitely not that great supply issues

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Well I have been out several times since December 22nd and havent seen many 360's at all. On December 23rd went out and was at several big box retailers and no 360's found anywhere.

On December 26th my son went out and was looking for his own 360 for his room and after spending all day out with a friend (and his mom) he finally found a Halo 3 Xbox at Target. Wanted a premium, but couldnt find any.

Before leaving Chicago I was out on the 27th and still nothing. When arrived in Florida on Saturday we spotted a couple of 360 Arcade units in Florida City, FL Walmart on our way to the Keys.

So yes 360's supply was lacking this past week.

I still find the numbers incorrect though. The Wii #'s way to high in NA. All reports was that there wasnt new shipments since the big shipments of the week before, yet VGChartz has the Wii at 325K. I think not. I think they just adjusted the number down to around 2 weeks ago.

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On topic: Over here in perth there hasnt been any supply problems. well not that i could see. i purely said this off the top of my head 

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I'm bumping this thread just because it's so full of Aussie love :D

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Well in my area (Phoenix, Northwest part of it, to be specific) the Best Buys, etc had stacks of Xbox arcade models, Xbox Premiums, and PS3's of the 40 and 80GB size.  No Wii's of course.  Hell, I went in to the biggest Best Buy in the area yesterday and you couldn't even get a Wii CONTROLLER.  Shelf was bare. Only thing you could get Wii related was games of course, chargers for the Wii-mote and 3 of the pink Wii-mote 'condoms' as I call them. :)  Plenty of PS3's and 360's there though.  

It's been pretty much like that through Xmas.  Looks like Sony and MS did a good job keeping retailers stocked, although at smaller stores like game stores, there were plenty of times that they were out of either.  And of course, you couldn't SNIFF at a Wii at and of the game stores.  Most of 'em even have their display Wii's (IF they have one) locked up tighter than Fort Knox in glass cages that are reinforced by wire!  Wow! 

in a few places in america im guessing it has, but no where else

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