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I was frustrated by it at first...

then I got to grips with it...

so I was pleased....

I enjoyed it for a little while...

I got bored.

I'm not really here!

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I really have to check out that Sonic game everyone loves so much :).

I tried to get good at it, concentrated on it and what not, and I did make progress, but I didn't feel it was worth it somehow. It's like I'm missing something important that would give the crafts handling consistency, which I don't feel is there all the time. So I struggle with it, I have to fight it, and I don't feel it's worth it when I beat it.

The OP just sucks at the game. It's that simple, if your getting frustrated on Novice then you really suck. Most people dont enjoy things they suck on to each his own. I like SJRPGs but i suck at those, badly

ithis said:

I got the game as a PSN wellcome back game, since I heared good things about it and I am a racing fan.

According to the statistics from the game I ran some 287 laps of various circuits, a total of 3+ hours of effective racing (since the laps are quite short), all on campaign mode, all on Novice. I estimate that 80% of that was frustration, 15% meh and 5% fun. There should not be 89% frustration on novice. Even admitting that I am awfull at this game, there should not be this amount of frustration on novice. If I were a game reviewer, I would be tempted to cathegorize this as trash based on 10% of the game, so that I don't have to play it anymore.

How can I enoy this game?

Maybe you'll enjoy it more if you wipe the tears away so you can see the screen better.

I'm just kidding it is really dang hard.  Getting platinum on this makes mirrors edge and demons souls look like hannah montanna.

Well I haven't played HD that much, but I played loads of Pulse on PSP which I really loved. I wouldn't say it is too frustrating, it just takes some time to get used to, but it is fun once you are good at it

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"It's just not my cup of tea"

You suck at the game. :P Don't hate the player, hate the.. oh wait.

I'd take this opportunity to brag and say that i have the platinum trophy for this game (which is one of the hardest to platinum) and you can all be awed by my extremely hairy ass.

And its one of my very favourite games this gen, and my favourite racing game ever. Once you get the hang of it, nothing beats the experience of making a superhard turn while jamming the airbrakes as hard as you could, shooting a missile while barrel rolling, or boosting your way over a hump on the road and elevating over other racers and crossing the finish line around 20 feet off the ground.

turn pilot assist off, you'll suck horribly at the beginning, even more than you did before. But once you get the hang of it, you'll find it hard to stop playing (if frustration is your only gripe with the game that is). And airbrakes = EXTREMELY important.

Practice at wipeout = better racing.

If you're this ticked off about novice difficulty, you don't even want to imagine the hell i went through in elite difficulty. You will be utterly RAPED in races.

Frustrated at novice? Wtf dude, novice is not that hard.

don't play mod nation racers then! mod nation racers(even with the patches) is the hardest (i was never that good at racing games but i wasn't that bad either) racing game i've played since mario kart 64.

i enjoyed mod nation racers, mario kart can go to hell. i'm looking forward to this whipout hd when i'm able to purchase it.

this, the vita version,MNR, forza 4, and GT5 will continue to mark my return to the racing genre.

it's the best racing franchise out there's just not your type of game I suppose..especially if you think like this at novice...I mean trash? 0_o never thought I would hear that word and wipeout together

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