maximus22 said:
ithis said:

I got the game as a PSN wellcome back game, since I heared good things about it and I am a racing fan.

According to the statistics from the game I ran some 287 laps of various circuits, a total of 3+ hours of effective racing (since the laps are quite short), all on campaign mode, all on Novice. I estimate that 80% of that was frustration, 15% meh and 5% fun. There should not be 89% frustration on novice. Even admitting that I am awfull at this game, there should not be this amount of frustration on novice. If I were a game reviewer, I would be tempted to cathegorize this as trash based on 10% of the game, so that I don't have to play it anymore.

How can I enoy this game?

Maybe you'll enjoy it more if you wipe the tears away so you can see the screen better.

I'm just kidding it is really dang hard.  Getting platinum on this makes mirrors edge and demons souls look like hannah montanna.

Oh yeah if you see someone with platinum then it's obvious proof he is hardcore god among us puny mortals :)

I already accepted that Arcade perfect and Beat the Zico are outside my skill range :D