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If someone finds this hard, id hate to see what they think about MotorStorm. That game will rape you, the AI goes out of its way to screw you. Even the PSP one is a pain in the ass. I dont know about MNR, i was able to complete the campaign PRIOR to the patches

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I agree this game is not good. It's just too unforgiving. I play to have fun, not to be constantly punished.

I got Wipeout and Wipeout XL on the PS1. I managed to get some fun out of them but mostly because magazines of the day told me I should be having fun and loving the music. Graphics were great at the time, though.

Well, it's been a long time since 1997 and I've finally admitted to myself that I just don’t like the Wipeout series. I tried the demo for PSP but I just could'nt bring myself to buy it. I got the game on PS3 (free, just like the OP) and I just don't feel it. It's not for me. Crazy that I've always loved F-Zero (and even Kinetica) but it just didn't carry over into Wipeout.

mZuzek loves Smeags. 😢

I've been playing the game lately. I had started playing it like 2 months ago on Novice difficulty, and earned all gold medals in the first 3 campaign events (or whatever they're called). Then, I stopped playing it for some reason, until recently when I decided it was time to play it again and get the platinum.

When I started playing it again, I restarted the campaing all over again from the beginning but this time, on Elite difficulty.

It was pretty hard, it was my first Wipeout game, I didn't even hear about Wipeout games until this gen and I'm not a racing games fan at all :P. I managed to get all gold medals in the first event from the campaign, retrying a lot of times :P. Then I went for all gold medals in the second event, and then the third event was a pain in the ass, but I made it. The fourth one gave me a loooot of trouble, so I went to the internet to search for tips.
I found out that I was supposed to turn pilot assist off, because the ship would be way slower and I wouldn't be able to take curves the fastest way possible, etc.

That really helped me and made things quite a bit easier... also, while I was playing, I found out that if you press X (accellerator) right when the race starts (3.. 2.. 1... start! :P) you can get a little boost in speed from the beginning. That also helped me.

Also, you should look for every little chance there is to barrel roll. The barrel rolls can really help you (or kill you if you use them too often in races, lol).

You have to learn the tracks, try to hit the speed pads as often as you can and you have to use the airbrakes to help you take sharp curves... and the sideshifts too!... You also have to get used to the speed (Venom, Flash, Rapier, Phantom).

In a few days, I managed to get to the last event in the campaign in elite difficulty getting gold medals on everything... Now, I have all gold medals in the last event except for the freaking Tournament!, I can't seem to get in first place in that goddamn tournament and it's the only Cell that's stopping me from getting the "Elite Campaign Legend" Gold trophy :S All I managed to get is a lame Silver medal for finishing the tournament in second place.

I'll have to keep practicing untill I can make it. I really hate it when I'm like in 2nd or 1st place and the AI starts shooting missiles and stuff and end up the race in Last place >_
After so many hours of playing the game, I decided to change some configs from the game. I changed the accelleration sensitivity from 30% to 10% so I don't have to press X so hard to accellerate at 100% speed. I also remapped the airbrakes buttons from L2/R2 to L1/L2 because some people say it's easier that way. Finally, I switched from using the left analog stick to using the D-Pad instead... It's a little bit easier to barrel roll that way... but I can't steer the ship as well as I used to... I guess I'll have to get used to the new controls :S

The hardest track for me is Chenghou Project on Phantom speed... it's one of the tracks that screws me up in the tournament, there's a curve I can't do without crashing. I tried practicing with some speed laps in racebox... I did over 60 laps but I crashed in that curve in every single one of those laps, lol...

I've seen videos on YouTube from people who seem to finish the tournament with ease, always getting first place by a wide margin... I hope I can become as good as them someday.

I think I won't buy another game until I get this platinum... or until FFXIII-2 releases next year, whatever happens first :P

BTW, at first I didn't really like this game but as I became better I started getting sort of addicted to it.

I really hope I can get a gold medal in that last tournament...

Oh, by the way, I played some races on novice today just for the sake of it... and it was very, veeeeery easy to win... I remember when I first started the game on Novice, there were some races in which I had to restart quite a lot of times before I could win (probably because of the pilot assist, not using sideshift, not pressing X hard enough, etc :P). I think if you keep playing, you'll get better and better until the point in which even the hardest races are extremelly easy for you. I don't know if you'll start thinking it's fun if you get good at the game though, or if getting good at it is even worth it for you :P

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Release Final Fantasy Versus XIII nowwwwwwwwww!!! lol :P

Im glade I got LBP and DeadNation, errrrrrr maybe not LBP so much, for my free games

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It's okay. Noting great.

I love wipeout for the racing, but at the same time hate it for the weapons. My favorite versions are where you can turn the weapons off. I just want to get in the zone and do perfect laps, mesmerized by the track and music. At some point you don't think about what you need to do anymore, you just zoom along enjoying the sights and sounds, it's a great experience.
Actually it has a lot of similarities with DDR in gameplay. Playing that on expert is also about letting your body do the work without interfering. Clear your mind.

I played wipeout HD without using the weapons but at some point I couldn't get above bronze anymore for speed laps and time trials. (before they patched in easy mode for those) Then I finally figured out that you get a boost each round in the weapon slot, doh. Turned bronze right into gold.
It's still annoying that the xp you earn relies mostly on the damage you do, so it takes me forever to unlock upgrades without using weapons.

Wipeout fury was disappointing for me. More focus on the combat I hate. Combat only breaks up the trance like state you get from racing.

Yey for the most successful thread I made :). I should start complaining about other games too.

I did some research (button mapping - but I won't change the airbreaks, using the airbreaks and sideslide) and I will give the game and me two more chances. After that I will conclude whether I will like it or not. Last night I didn't have the time to put in some laps, so no update there.

It is interesting though that some of you are not convinced by the game just like me, even if you do not think that novice is frustrating :).

ithis said:
Yey for the most successful thread I made :). I should start complaining about other games too.

You should start threads complaining about Uncharted 2, MGS4 or GoW3. They will be popular.

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I got the game as a PSN wellcome back game, since I heared good things about it and I am a racing fan.

According to the statistics from the game I ran some 287 laps of various circuits, a total of 3+ hours of effective racing (since the laps are quite short), all on campaign mode, all on Novice. I estimate that 80% of that was frustration, 15% meh and 5% fun. There should not be 89% frustration on novice. Even admitting that I am awfull at this game, there should not be this amount of frustration on novice. If I were a game reviewer, I would be tempted to cathegorize this as trash based on 10% of the game, so that I don't have to play it anymore.

How can I enoy this game?

You are obviously a casual and therefore you don't deserve to enjoy this game. Also, it's not about fun but about 1080p @ 60fps!

i completely agree this game isn't about fun its all about graphics... i mean how could any game not made by nintendo ever be fun?

Exactly my point, thanks for understanding!