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Forums - Movies Discussion - Rate the Last Movie You Watched

I saw the thread for the "rate the movie above you", but didn't see anything about rating the last movie you watched. If there is one please ignore this thread.

It seems to me that for the last couple of weeks there has been quite a bit of movie talk here on VGC, so I thought it would be fun to have a thread to talk about the last movies people have watched.


Lets rate the movies out of 10.

In addition to rating the movie please at least write 1-2 sentences about why you give it that rating.

Don't make the reviews too long, I don't think people are interested in reading a huge post of text, so lets say no longer than 3 paragraphs (15-20 sentences) max.

Also feel free to respond to another users' rating instead of rating a movie.

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Sucker Punch


Just borrowed and watched this on DVD. I'm not a big fan of Zack Snyder, from the films I've seen his films seem to be all flash with no substance, and that was especially true for Sucker Punch. The worst part of it was at the end the closing monologue tried to make it seem like the film actually had something to say. I also thought the music was for pretty awful and distracting, and overly loud.

I thought the acting was fine, though no particularly memorable. The action scenes were alright but still dragged a bit for me. I thought the first ten minutes or so were interesting and showed some promise but it was all down hill from there for me.

Water for Elephants 6/10

I watched this movie last night and it kind of interesting but nothing really special. The actors did a great job I must say and the cinematography was really good. As I understand, it is based on a book so I won't credit the storyline. There were some parts that were not developed as I would expect. Overall it was a pleasant watch but I wouldn't watch it again.


I just saw Skyline...i give it about 7 out of 10, the acting was bad as expected, and its a rehash of every single alien invasion movie ever, but I was mildly entertained by it regardless.

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transformer 3

it has great action , the story and the acting is shit like in the first 2. it's more of the same but i think it's a bit better than the 2nd one.

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HP Deathly Hallows Pt.1


starts off exciting, but is ultimately very boring. But nothing would save it, it is on a rather boring part of the book after all.

Not only one of the greatest horror movies of the 80s, but of all time! I never get tired of watching it, and the killer is as scary as they are genius!



->3/10.One of the worst movies in recent memory,Mandy Lane is freaking annoyin'

I just watched Dune again on blu-ray. What an attention to detail! 8/10 One of the great sci fi classics imo.
But it helps if you read the book first.

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