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Forums - Movies Discussion - Transformers 3 Already the highest grossing movie of 2011 in the U.S so far!!!


Do you like the Transformers trilogy?

Yes 7 36.84%
It's ok 2 10.53%
No 3 15.79%
The first movie was ok but enough already 1 5.26%
Hate all three and Michae... 6 31.58%
Mistershine said:
Jay520 said:
The visuals are unmatched.... and hot chicks

That's all I can think of

No! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a proper trout! Not even worth a first glance, let alone a second.

Vetteman94 said:
Goddbless said:

The biggest problem with the plots in the Transformers movies is they are basically forgotten by the next movie. Every movie they give a totally different reason why the Decepticons came to earth. The 1st movie said it was for the cube, the 2nd said it was for energon, and the 3rd movie...well it was so convoluted it doesn't matter anymore. I mean would it kill them to have some form of continuity.

I dont understand where the confusion for their reasonings of coming to Earth are coming from.  Makes me wonder if you actually watched the movie and stayed awake or are just going off of things you heard other people say.  

What he's saying is all 3 films give different reasons for being on earth. In the first film they're after the Allspark, in the second film they're here to harvest Energon and in the third film they came to meet Sentinal Prime. There's no continuity.

Optimus Prime is a real bad-ass though. Single handedly(literally) pulling heads off with firey axes!

There are a few other odd things in the film, like the fact that Optimus is about 4 times the size of Bumblebee when they're standing by the rocket. And why are the Autobots always shiny, even after the big fight in a demolition zone.

For the second one they were still on the planet because of the Allspark, because of the information that was stored in the Allspark was what would point them to an Energon source hidden on Earth.  Meagtron wasnt aware of this until he was instructed of it by The Fallen.  

The thrid one did have problems, but they arent that bad.  And Optimus is 4 times bigger than Bumblebee.  Thats about the difference in size between Camaro and a Semi Truck.  

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Jay520 said:
Xen said:
Shit blows up.

These three words summarize the ENTIRE trilogy.

Three words for a trilogy within a seven word sentence! Godly coincdence!  FF VII remake confirmedz???!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love the transformer movies alot, all 3 of them. optimus prime is the daman
also ppl dont remember it seems that the humans were a good part of the cartoon plot, spike and his dad were huge factors in the series 1st half. and then daniel , spikes son ended up becoming the head in the headmasters plot near the end of the series 2nd act, also spike created fortris maximus for the autobots to fight against scorpionox on cybertron in the last episode to give the planet its 2nd golden age that vector sigma said would happen. ppl really need to go back and properly watch the series again.
also yes harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 will be #1 this weekend and anybody would say that. however it will likely fall like the last one did and will finish 2nd to transformers 3 in total domestic gross, worldwide it could be a tie or damn near it when its all said and done.





The first one was a good movie, you got exactly what you expected. All I can remember out of the 2nd one was the head ache I got comming out of the cinema.

It's not going to last long

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superchunk said:
TF3 was a great action flick just like the first two. Granted the 2nd one had major story issues, but as a pure summer action movie with an incredible cast of robots, its was well worth the ticket prices. I do think that having a good memory of the toy line and cartoons as a kid really pushes the movies along. I know TF were by far my favorite cartoon and toys.

However, TF3 won't hold that money lead for very much longer as soon as Harry Potter launches this week.

Also, I find it funny you blast TF when nearly all horror movies suck far worse in every way possible. There's a reason why no horror movie is anywhere near the top of the box office... ever. Their stories are just meh at best. The only horror-ish movies remotely interesting are the fake ones based on a true story.. lol.

Hey be nice to horror films. It's harder for them to make as much money when they are Rated R with gore and nudity. Of course PG-13 films and lower rated films are going to make more money cus younger people are the big part of the movie going audience and they arent suppose to be able to get into R rated films (of course some find there way around that). And as far as horror movies that have made lots of money and have not sucked, there were tons back in the day that were box office smashes. Jaws, Silence of the Lambs, The Exorcist, The first 3 Scream movies all were in the top  grossing films the years they came out. The reason horror is in a rut is because they have run out of ideas to scare people and are turning to remakes. If I see them butcher one more classic horror film I'm going to vomit! But I'm getting ready to see them ruin one of my all time favs Fright Night this summer. 

Great movie, wayyy better than another horrible vehicle movie

Well, it was easily the best Transformers in the series, that's a pretty good reason behind its sales.

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LOL at who voted "Hated all 3 and Michael Bay is an arrogant douche"!!!!!!!