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I'm worried about the new Tomb Raider, Lara sounds as emotional and fragile as Samus in Other M.

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Sony's is at 3:30 right?

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adsl said:
I'm worried about the new Tomb Raider, Lara sounds as emotional and fragile as Samus in Other M.

Haha, I was thinking about Other M when I watched Tomb Raider! Samus didn't sound like she got a hundred orgasms though.


Tomb Raider: Other Snake Eater is a good name for it me thinks.

M.U.G.E.N said:
yo_john117 said:
M.U.G.E.N said:
fml the leaked list was BETTER than this! very disappointed and I sincerely apologize if I come off as a hater here. that was just horrible..not a SINGLE surprise...

kingdoms was a friggin fail! wth!?
at least for the fans they have Halo 4 which should be awesome...but DAMN! I think this was worse than last years...way worse

best parts of the show
Halo 4 teaser
to a certain extent TR: heavily influenced by Uncharted it seems but at least it looks interesting..


How can you say that? 0_o Kingdoms looked soooo badass.

wait for real? how? why? where? when? cheese burger? thai fried rice!? (I'm hungry lol)

but no really? badass? what was so badass about that? the CG part was cool and I kid you not I increased the volume and leaned into the screen even thinking it would be something special...but it's a first person melee kinect game! 0_o  and I would like to seemore gameplay of it for sure but that was just beyond disapointing..after seeing the leaked artwork last year I thought it might be an action RPG or action adventure or even a hack and slash or something for the core gamers.

or am I mistaken here? is it not a kinect game? if it's not then there's still hope for it..if not I'm sorry but for me personally it's a huge let down

and I disagree mate, I think last years was better than this E3

Yeah man completely badass! It looked so fun.

I was pretty entertained by the conference.
Fable, although on rails, looked cool to me with the things you could do with the spells and the Forza 4 trailer, which supposedly was "all in-game", imo came eerily close to how the first GT5 CGI trailer looked, fantastic graphics.
Dance Central 2 with 2 players and the possibilities of those Kinect apps are things I liked as well.
All in all graphically all the games (maybe with the exception of Star Wars Kinect) were impressively polished, even the casual games.

Still that's not enough for me to go out and buy a 360+Kinect ;), but I can imagine having a lot of fun at a Dance Central 2 party.

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Wow, that was pretty bad. Well, not as bad as last year's, but it followed the same format. Too much Kinect, not enough stuff I care about.

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Well, I can only hope that the other companies improve on this show. I wish I could have seen more games from MS, if nothing else in sizzle trailer form.

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This conference was lame.

Too much Kinect, too few good games and no surprises (everybody knew about Halos).

They'd have done 2 conferences, 1 for Kinect and its target public and another one for us, just with games.

At least we know who will not win E3 this year.

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Where can I see the videos of conference? i missed the microsoft one

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