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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nikkei Article on Cafe confirms control

oniyide said:
NJ5 said:
oniyide said:
@NJ5 not saying your wrong but how much genres besides FPS can really benefit from IR pointing??? I get the motion part but i think people just make the IR pointing more important than it really is

RTS, adventure, on-rail shooters or any game which has inventories or any other menu with lots of choices, for example. Also almost every first-person game, not just FPS.

Look at any PC game and see how the mouse is used. IR pointing can do basically the same. Dual analogs are clunky for any situation where lots of choices are present.

I would argue that those game, besides maybe on rail shooters, have not and are not popular on consoles anyway. Hell despite having IR pointer for years how much games RTS have been released for WII?? Christ the PS3 has more Adventure games than Wii and it just got its motion control and most of them dont use it. THe devs dont really care to put those games on consoles IR pointer or not

Why aren't they popular on consoles? Because there was no good way to control them.

Anyway, you asked what genres could benefit from IR pointing, and that's what I answered. Don't suddenly change the question...

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@NJ5 yeah because moving a cursor with a stick is so much harder than moving with a mouse. Im not saying they are better, but give me a break they could be done and have been done. There are a crap load of adventure games on PS3 and some of them dont use Move. Yeah motion will make it smoother, but i would argue against better

See, like trestres and I said, it supports the Wii controllers. Now I'm off to sell my old wiimotes.

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