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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What would you do if the Wii wins this generation?

Nothing. I'll enjoy my PS3 till the another encounter... but this scenerio will not happen. PS3 is here to rule. 

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NorthStar said:

Well I guess i would Play the Good Wii games. I just want to compare a few things though like a Action movie or Epic I really like getting those on HD/Bluray format but Comedy and Cartoons regular DVD are fine.there will always be certain games that i would rather get on the PS3/360 than on a WII just like movies. Just because the Wii would sell the most and have the most backing still doesn't mean I myself wouldn't get bored with the Wii controls. I guess i would Play alot less games since I would be talking some steps back visually but I am sure some good RPG elements could be added to the Wii remote.

Wouldn't most game players want to get the system that gets the best games.....Why would anyone Hate Nintendo or Sony or Microsoft. They all have a good reason to buy one or the other or all 3. My money went first to where I know my favorite game will be..Metal gear, God of War, Devil may Cry, final Fantasy those were the game I know i will want. Halo was not a Big deal to me, but for many Halo Forza Oblivion and other games are the reason they chose the 360. If you chose a Nintendo it better be because you like Mario Zelda and Pokemon. If you choose a console for the games you know will be on it then you will always be happy with it. So why does it matter to you who wins the console war.

Lastly I never bought a console because it was the best selling(usually I buy the console way to early to see if it will "win" the console war) If you just buy the Wii(or any console) because thats what everyone else has you may very well be let down.



ther is a difference.

if you say that people choose on exclusives nintendo is again the winner.

not because of mario or zelda.

but for the touch is for ds,

gt vs forza

more of the same...

if people want a real driving simulation buy gtr2 for pc with a good wheel!!!


halo maybe is to consider a killer application. 

god of war...also

the real esclusives for sony or microsoft are few...

if i base on REAL esclusives first console to buy is a nintendo one..... 

an fps gamer probably buys a pc and a wii...

why spend 600+400$ for halo and resistance????

 1000$ for really few esclusives is really thing to meditate!!!

if third parties start to make good portings MAYBE wii could win this gen war...


If nintendo wins this generation on home consoles... I probibally wont play games as much. That means I wouldnt buy as many games for those of you hard headed people who seem to want me to spell everything I say.

There are 2-3 games for the Wii that intrest me out already, there are 2-3 for the PS3 as well, however I buy a console as an investment. I buy consoles that I play for 5-6 years.

The PS3 has like 5-10 games I want coming out this year (quite a few are multiplat's with the 360, but I dont have one of those, because I didnt care for my x-box, and I hate the 360 controller)

The PS3 has the games I want this year.

Next year I will put my money on PS3 as well. By then I might have pawned my Wii off a engine scoop for my truck.


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ALKO - you say Nintendo is where to go for 1st party exclusives. I agree in the past that sony has done a horrible job on their 1st party stuff. I felt the x-box was MUCH better than the GameCube in terms of exclusives. So far the 360 just dont have any 1st party stuff that really makes me wanna play it, besides viva pinyata, and dead rising.

Sony has just went the way of 1st party about 2 years ago. Look at the 1st party games for sony *this* year.

Motorstorm, LAIR, Heavenly Sword, KillZone2, God of War2, Calling All Cars, MLB 07, HOME, WarHawk, HotShots Golf5, SingStar, Ratchet & Clank: TOD, UnCharted: Drakes Fortuine, Eight Days, Eye of Judgement.

Not all those are 1st party, but their all at least 2nd party. If that is not the most amazing list of 1st party exclusives for any console EVER. I dont know what is. No matter WHO you are, there is something there for you. 

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let me check the list

hmmm... nahhh not really

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... lol nothing.

 PS3 has th ebest games why the hell would any one jump ship to gamecubex2 ?

Neos said:
let me check the list

hmmm... nahhh not really

 What games do you like?

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Hus said:

... lol nothing.

PS3 has th ebest games why the hell would any one jump ship to gamecubex2 ?

Because if it wins, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid and Grand Theft Auto might move to it, exclusively.


Umm, nothing? What sort of answer are you looking for anyway?

Im certainly not going to hold a "Wii wins generation" party - and if it doesn't, there won't be a "Wii mock funeral" either...?

If people's buying habits are altered by which console "wins" this generation, they are being very silly :P


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Wii already won in Japan, and at this rate it will surpass 360 this summer.


Although ido think Halo 3 will make 360 surpass Wii again, Wii may overtake again int he long run.


It seems to me Wii to this gen what Gameboy was to the SNES/Genesis.

It's weaker then the rest but DAMN it sells good.



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