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Forums - Gaming Discussion - It's awesome!everyone who has seen it will like it!!

new lair video address(exclusive):


this would be the "first" ps3 game !!!!!!!

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Does look nice, esp. the "non-gameplay" section at the start.

One thing strikes me though - the AI for the enemies on the ground.  When a dragon turns up, you would THINK that people would tend to run away from it - and employ archers (or some range attacks) to hurt it.

This looks like fields of sword-wielding soldiers, just standing around like cannon fodder (reminds me of cutting grass in Zelda :>). 

Just a comment based on a quick impression... 

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This is one of the games I have been waiting for. Is it still set for a July release? I have heard July 14th and July 31st not sure which one is right. The game looks awesome though I can't wait for this since they pushed Heavenly sword till much later. This game will hopefully use the Sixaxis well. I have High Hopes for Warhawk too. Does anyone know if Lair will have any online content as well? Would be awesome to dragon joust some old friends.

I know some character models don't look that advanced, but Factor 5 does that to make room for lots of characters on screen at once. They did the same with the Rogue Squadron games. Each character had the same polygon count as a villager in RE4 (4000-5000), but the texturing was much rediced, so much more would be in the RAM at once. Lair looks to be following the same model, with the humans at least. The Dragons look to be getting the full amount of texturing resources.

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after seeing this vid my opinion of the game has been changed a little, it look absolutely amazing in motion, i'm looking forward to seeing it on a ps3!!

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If it controls well it will be awesome.  I like the voice acting so far.

Looks like LOTR a lot.

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Honestly, I still don't know.

Of course it looks AMAZING...but I'm still not convinced on how it plays...the ground battles look boring to me. Slow motion flinging corpses? Cool...but not 20 times in a row. And yeah, those troops there hardly doing anything at all, but maybe that was an early level or something. Also, the grass was weird...flat and repetitive it looked like. I mean, if they can make the water amazing, why not something like grass?

I seems too easy...rampaging through meaningless soldiers...where's the big bosses? It's more fun to me to be one of those little soldiers, up against a big boss like a dragon.

Also, you got the thread title wrong, it's just not true. And also, I don't see why this info can't be in the Lair pics/videos thread that someone made recently.  Meh.  Bedtime.

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well, i read the gamespy preview of Lair, and it's not that good. big camera problem that can ruin the game if not dealt with properly. Looks impressive of course. but if it's unplayable, why bother?

BenKenobi88 said:

.where's the big bosses? It's more fun to me to be one of those little soldiers, up against a big boss like a dragon.

 ok i guess we didn't see the same video. i couldn't watch the video on this thread but i found this one. and there is a big huge boss...