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Games confirmed in Top 10 Individual SKUs

-Mortal Kombat (360)
-Portal 2 (360)
-Crysis 2 (360)
-Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters (360)
-Michael Jackson: The Experience (360)
-Pokemon Black (NDS)
-SOCOM 4 (PS3)

No order. And I guess Mortal Kombat (PS3) and Portal 2 (PS3) are in too.

Edit - Just Dance 2 in top10 too.

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No word froM Nintendo yet? 

 Next Gen 

11/20/09 04:25 makingmusic476 Warning Other (Your avatar is borderline NSFW. Please keep it for as long as possible.)

Anita Frazier said DS outsold 3DS.

ethomaz said:

Anita Frazier said DS outsold 3DS.

I can see 3DS < 180K then.

Buying in 2015: Captain toad: treasure tracker,

mario maker

new 3ds

yoshi woolly world

zelda U

majora's mask 3d

Yay Mortal Kombat first!!!!

Edit - holy shit 300k undertracked, did better than SFIV!


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I love twitter .

RT @RampagedDeath MK9 sold 900,000 kopies. Well done NetherRealm Noobde: That don't include special versions, actually over 1mil !! :D

Nice accuracy on x360 and not bad at ps3.


Wow, MK over 1 Million... That's awesome!


C'mon Nintendo, say something so I can go cry myself to sleep...

Looks like Vgchartz is pretty close for the 360 and PS3.