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yo_john117 said:

Grrrr I thought more people have played this game lol.

well more have I think... just not vgchartz people XD. plus there's still vlad and shio! :p 

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Amazing game, expands perfectly onto the original SC and Brood War.

Loved the campaign, love to play it online when I get the chance and I still watch a whole bunch of different casters.

I can't wait for Heart of the Swarm.

Seriously good game.



And yes, I know I wrote the review that gave it 8.9, but to hell with it. This doesn't deserve to make it into that top 12, even if that top 12 is full of crazily overrated titles. As a sequel to one of the best games ever made it's a huge disappointment. Blizzard have lost their golden touch for me. I'm extremely worried about Diablo III now.

well it's a great game and probably the best all round RTS since WC3 a few key flaws let it down from being perfect, including dissapointing story, no LAN and slightly dodgy custom game setup. It is the best eSport around tho so 9.1

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spoilers ahead.

Everything from the intro cutscene to the ending credits blew me away. Multiplayer is fair and balanced and receives consistent patches balancing the game even further. The main campaign is insanely brilliant and the variety among missions is unmatched in any other game I've played ranging from preventing your base from being totally annihalated by engulfing flames while whiping out the Protoss to being the last stand against the evil that has conquered the universe to playing resource tag with special gas, everything was just fantastic. It was also pretty cool that you could backstab that bitch Ariel and side with the infinitely Protoss executor Selendis or on the other mission where you could choose between Nova (from the cancelled StarCraft: Ghost) and Tosh, the douchebag searching for MINERAL NODES! I liked that. Even if it won't change anything in the SCII expansions (maybe).

I won't even get started on multiplayer even though I touched upon it in my previous paragraph. Multiplayer is a hell of a lot of fun, even if you are a newbie.

Essentially, this game is perfect.

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We need 4 more scores!

yo_john117 said:

We need 4 more scores!

You need to spam walls.

10. fun game. great story, diverse missions. and people are lazy yo jhon, i myself hate posting in your threads :P it takes effort.

Being in 3rd place never felt so good

10 using this out of 5 plus 5 average non-sense. No offense meant, but I dislike high average scores and this is the first I remember noting it in one of these threads.

The reasons are fairly obvious. The insane level of polish, and wonderful commitment to online. The game is balanced far differently than release, and has a lot of new stuff to try out in the form of maps and the like. Almost all of the user complaints about " 2.0" (actually more like 4 or 5 but whatever) have been addressed to the best of my knowledge. Admittedly it is hard for me to say as I thought most of them seemed a little silly save for cross regional play. Correction, the cross regional play might not be in come to think of it. I am too lazy to check.

The story was told amazingly well for a RTS, and was quit satisfying on the whole. The pacing was amazing and the use of cut scenes perfect. The game kept a nice diversity to the missions, and I truly loved how they introduced new units. The ability to stop banging my head against a wall and try to recruit a better unit for a hard mission is a very nice touch.

I truly love this game and can't wait for a sequel. If I wasn't such a wuss about losing I would probably be playing online still. I just don't get that much enjoyment out of getting my nuts stomped, or those never ending TvT matches. I still kind of wish I could have gotten a 4v4 team going just for the fun of it. Sure we would lose, but we could lose with style!

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Single player plot is a joke and way below the quality of the original and brood war. Multiplayer is still the best,. 

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