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I'll give it a 9.

It is really good, but nowhere near the game that DKC Returns is. 

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i beat it the 1st day i got it and never really had the urge to play it again


Fantastic plaformer, among the best level design I have seen and I loved the multiplayer.  It loses marks for not having online (not that a big deal though), two toad characters and I felt it could've had more powerups.

8.5 for me. It's solid on the levels, but not as sublime as Super Mario 3.

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9/10 it's very fun, but in comparison to older SMB is weaker.

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Probably my favourite 2D platformer. Its' level design is great and it's simply fun to play.

Score: 9.0

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Awful art style, they played it safe.
Worthless overworld map
2 toads?
delay when picking up items is really really really annoying
the way you wall jump


difficulty was nice, started out easy and eventually got harder.
Bowser boss battle
i liked propeller suit, favorite mario-power-up ahead of the cape feather


Really really liked it. If there was one disappointment it was that getting all the star coins didn't bring one last extra-awesome level. Couldn't care less about 2 toads. Online might have been nice if practical but hasn't been missed (well, not by me). The small pauses when someone else gets hit can be a pain in multiplayer, but it's not that big of a deal.


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A very fun game.