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bump for new owners

Reviving this thread for the purpose of friend-code exchange and, if Smeags approves, a general 3DS community thread.



I'm gonna add every single person in this thread. Feel free to quote me, PM me, or just randomly add me! If you post in this thread, you have a friend in me (is there a limit to how many friends you can have? God, I hope not!)!


And don't forget about this thread:

A few poeple posted in that on and may not be in this thread.  Add them, too!

Twitter: @d21lewis

Here is my info:
opcode - FC 1418-6702-4187
I am going to add everyone here...

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3DS Friend Code: 5413 - 0232 - 9676
Identification: G-cyber45
3DS Games owned: SM3dLand, Starfox,
Near Future 3DS Game Purchases: Mario Kart 7 very soon,

My 3ds friendcode: 5413-0232-9676 (G-cyber)

I will upload mine after Xmas... so i will use my new 3DS!


3DS FC is 0216 - 1095 - 1009 (Seth)

games : SF4, Super Mario 3D Land, and Mario Kart 7 (just got and about to play).

I'll add everyone in the op in a little.  I'll also check up and add whoever posts below me.

Ok i added everyone in this thread just waiting on response.

My 3ds friendcode: 5413-0232-9676 (G-cyber)

pokeclaudel(Del) 3222-5572-1801