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Are you satisfied with PS Move?

Yes! 121 57.08%
No! 56 26.42%
Crysis 2 has the best graphics, EVA! 35 16.51%

well i am not a fan of motion controls... i did get MOVE and i played already HR, RE5, KZ3, MAG and tennis table in sports champions witch makes it worth the money... hell, if BF3 get move controls, then it will be the cherry on top... Always play the games with DS3 but for some second playthroughs, move can give you a new prespective and add some dificulty to some games and that makes games have more value because that second type of experience...

ohh under siege... will be a RTS with move support... that will be very interesting

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i am hoping to to get the socom 4 full deplyment edition soon so yeah hopefully ill be satisfied.

i tried sports champions at a friends house and bought one a little bit after bringing kz3 over to his house to see how it played with it

since then ive been replaying heavy rain with it and its very enjoyable. i havnt gotten re5 yet but plan to pretty soon so i have another move game to play, also looking forward to socom

TBH I think the poll results are going to be skewed. Fanboys are just going to diss the other and tout their consoles peripheral.

yes, but i need more game (something like Kinect Sports) and i want try the first hardcore kinect games.

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to be honest yesss.... Heavy rain made it perfect for me, i loved the move more than the controller in that game, also like the fight lights out, sports champions was average, killzone 3 was awesome, looking forward to socom 4..... have RE5 but havnt played move with it yet.... MAG was hard to play for me.... The tennis game with it sucks, well by the demo i played..... Just hope they come out with more games for it though

The Move tech is first rate. Very accurate and precise.  Game library needs some time to expand, but so far there are a good set of games that make good use of Move. Killzone 3 is DEFINITELY better with the Move v.s DS3 controller.

Killzone 3 'nough said.


also i keep hearing the fight lights out is great. why did it get such awful reviews. is it good

I've posted in the Kinect thread too but I'm more qualified in the Move thread.


I studied, looked into, etc from several angles with the PS Move before I ended up purchasing it.  I split it with my brother and bought 4 Move Controllers, 2 Nav Controllers and sold my Wii (Which legitimately was gathering dust and hardly being played).

When I first got the Move, I loved it.  The layer of depth of Sports Champions was really refreshingly fun and enjoyable.  I didn't like every game on it but I enjoyed Bocce, Table Tennis (So similar to real life), Gladiator duels.  I tried demos of Tumble, and a whole host of other games.  (I enjoyed Tumble because of the surgical like precision with the Move).  Eventually,  I ended up getting The Fight (Despite a whole host of terrible reviews).  I firmly stand by my belief that The Fight (While a complete ass kicking game that challenges you physically) is a very solid and fun game.  Not AAA 10/10 perfect game, just a really good implementation of the Move Controls and the possibility with them.   I also got Resident Evil (Simply for the Move implementation) and I already owned Heavy Rain and I recently purchased Killzone 3.

I like Move (Control wise) but I feel that beyond Sports Champions, The Fight, Resident Evil, Heavy Rain, Killzone 3.  I haven't had much to use it with.  I really didn't enjoy it as much as a controller with Killzone 3.  Heavy Rain I had already beat with multiple endings and etc before I purchased Move.


So yes I really do enjoy Move, I'm just hoping for some more true Move titles because the lack of quality true Move titles is bothersome.  I have high hopes for Sorcery as I could really get into a game like that implementing Move.

I might get move. Anyone mind telling me how much everything is ? I think all you need is a move, camera, and navigation control? Is Killzone 3 good with the move without the sharpshooter?