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Kinect owners, are you satisfied?

For the most part, yes. 93 34.44%
No, not at all 89 32.96%
Crysis 2 has the best graphics, EVA! 88 32.59%

Okay.  I got a 250gb Kinect 360 a few weeks back but I didn't even bother to connect the Kinect until last Friday.  I just wasn't too hyped for it.  Well when I finally did, I was very surprised with how well it worked.  I tried the demos that came with it and had to buy Dance Central that day (and I've never been a fan of that genre).  The whole thing felt so fresh and new--sorta like when I first got my Wii.

Well over time, my Wii ended up losing some of its luster.  It still has some of the best games this gen but the initial, "WOW, IT RESPONDS TO MY MOVEMENTS!" effect is long gone.  Well I'm new to the world of Kinect.  While I love the experience (sometimes, it's all I think about) I can't help but wonder if the same thing is gonna happen soon.

Everybody that comes over, from college kids to my mom to my girlfriend to my ex-con cousin (who will probably rob me soon) seem to love it.  It's an instant party!  But how long before the honeymoon ends?  Early Kinect owners, I need your opinions.

Haters/People that never gave Kinect a chance/"It's just an Eyetoy" folks need not respond.

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You never seize to amaze me. 

I don't own Kinect and haven't had the chance to try it out either. I'm voting the third option even though I don't think Crysis 2 has the best graphics eva! just so I can see the (obvious) results.

Those who aren't satisfied, please give me the reasons.  I want to hear your stories.  The poll is just there for a quick overview.  It's the comments that I'm interested in.

mZuzek loves Starfox Adventures

for the record -- i don't think that crysis 2 has the best graphics eva but i did want to see the poll results...

I chose that Crysis 2 has the best graphics so I could see the results.


I have yet to play Crysis 2 though.

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at first it was cool how it can track your movement  but the games are bad (fighters uncaged was horrible)  i got bored .  after 2 weeks i didnt use it anymore so i sold it

Besides it thinking my wall is a person, it lacks a reason to keep playing. Plus it is slow and annoying when it works wrong. If I had five kinects plus a pentagon tv room with an omni directional treadmill I would love it.

i tried one at the store when it was getting released and it didnt work very well. i dont know anyone thats bought one so i cant try it again with proper calibration, but i cant really see a reason to buy one right now anyways.

when im buying hardware i first think about what im buying it for and then i look at the games and well... i excersize by putting shoes on and jogging around my block. so that leaves me a selection of like... fantastic pets(soon), kinectimals, and a selection of dance games? well im not 6 years old, a teenage girl or a woman going through a midlife crysis so there are a total of zero games that i want. ill have to pass, thanks

i generally dont want to be very active when playing video games anyways so its gonna be a hardsell for me, just like ps move was

I played sometimes with my friends. To me, is as funny as Wii. Wii has satisficed me, so I think Kinect can satisfice me, but I don't want to invest more money in this generation.

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Its kewl..... but theres problems i have with it..... like voice commands for it suck..... i have to yell XBOX, KINECT.... and half the time i sound like a idiot keep yelling it cause it doesnt pick my voice up.... The games are fun.... well kinect adventures is fun, dance cetral is fun.... other than that i dont really play any others.... Its for party use..... So i voted for yes.....