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MOst overrated "thing" this gen???

PS3 power (game graphics, cell etc) 151 27.06%
Xbox Live 144 25.81%
Wii (console) 114 20.43%
Other 115 20.61%
#1 and #3 11 1.97%
#1 and #2 22 3.94%


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1. Xbox live for me..... Yea its great, its better than sony no doubt, but it isnt worth the 60 bucks extra for it

2. Wii- it was good for the first month i had it, but enough is enough with the crappiest games.... and the graphics on some of the games makes the super nintendo look new.... 

3. metal gear solid 4..... yess ive played it, tried to play it again.... i just dont like it.... cant believe its sold soo much....

The most overrated part about this Gen for me is use of metacritic scores by Fanboys with all the AAA, AA and single A BS.

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Halo and the xbox live very over rated and kinect aswell.


one of the biggest scams ever (for gaming)

people pay $60 for what?

hardly any dedicated server games (playstation has wa more)

small multiplayer counts, i think the most so far is 24. (psn has 30, 32, 60, and i believe 256)

no internet browser.

very closed network (cant get games with features like LBP and Portal)

it started the paid DLC

psn has netflix, vudoo,, nhl network, hulu, and even espn3 through the browser (all of these at no extra charge)

the only thing it has the psn doesnt (though the free steam does) is cross game chat.

so they are paying $60 to use their own internet connection and are happy about it.

theres a reason paid for window live failed. people new that werent paying for anything, they were getting scammed

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Wii is overated! havent played one decent wii game



I dont understand (and probably never will) why a premium has to be paid to limit the internet access on your xbox.

in terms of servers, MAG and resistance prove PSN is better at that and trophies > achievements. also XBL doesnt save you as much money as PSN plus.

only decent advantage it has is crossgame chat but who uses that anyway?


second is kinect, i really didnt expect so many people to buy all the shovelware they did. that will unfortunatly go down as an epic fail in consumer history.

This thread is litteraly just an excuse for people to go around screaming their bias against "TEH EVIL RIVAL SYSTEM! I HAXORZ HATEZ TEM!"

So that would have to be my answer.  The most overrated thing this gen by FAR is the same things its always been.

The stupid console wars.

* though the meltdowns can be entertaining to watch sometimes

Sony fanboys, they are not as annoying as people think.

Why don't you make like a tree and get out of here?

i voted for wii since i never understood why does so many people like it...

COD is other thing that i dont get either.

payed DLC just after the game is released is stupid and people shouldn't go for it to teach publishers that we know they are trying to rip us off...  cross game chat also bugs me, when a friend calls me when i game, i have to pause since the talking about something completely different from what i am playing get my focus off and i end up like a fish with is belly up...

@OP your options 5 and 6 gives me the biggest impression that you are against PS3 since in multi options the PS3 is always a option... but i saw right through you... ;)

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