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Heat said:
dtewi said:
Heat said:


1. Persona 4

2. No - well not from this gen anyway. The only type of game I reckon could top it for me would be another story-driven JRPG and this gen has been pretty bad for that IMO. Maybe Persona 5 will be just as fresh and exciting as P4, or maybe I should look back to Persona 3...

Persona 3 is much better than Persona 4.... in story anyway. The gameplay is not as good as P4. P4 was an incredible game, but one thing that bugged me was that its plot mostly derived from plot twist instead of any real development or thinking.

P3 just dominates in that area. Most incredible character development I've ever seen, though it's music is not as good as P4.

Persona 3 is my favorite game ever though.

I've played like the first two hours of Persona 3, and I was starting to doubt whether it was anywhere near as good as P4. IMO, the characters didn't seem as deep or likeable, that Taturus place was really dull and the city setting wasn't as enjoyable as the rural-ness of P4.

I either felt I should give up and avoid disappointment or continue and hope the game gets better as it went along. I chose the former. But the story is a very big part of the game to me in an RPG - is it really better? I'll take your word for it and restart P3 again this half term, but to me, at the first couple of hours anyway, there seemed to be nothing going for the game storywise.

P3 characters are really deep. You can't tell anything from the first two hours really.

And yes, Tartarus is a bad dungeon. You can't use a Goho-M to save, it's repetetive, takes a lot longer to level up, and the combat is slower. It's a major fault. But, I think it's nice.

So try it again.

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zelda (first, also my first big game... although i tried many when my cousin brought her (yes her) nes during the summer , Zelda was what I fel in love with)

won't ever be topped in my mind


(i feel similar to FF VI (not my first rpg), SoM and CT (all different in style). On PC I have a fondness for WCII (my first strat game) but it has been topped by SC ^^)


Mad55 said:

nothing tops tales of symphonia! ever.

Was going to post the same thing as this, But I haven't played Tales of the abyss of Vesperia so It may very well be topped.

AOvechkin08 said:
Mad55 said:

nothing tops tales of symphonia! ever.

Was going to post the same thing as this, But I haven't played Tales of the abyss of Vesperia so It may very well be topped.

abyss and vesperia are very close but symphonia is still better to me. luke in abyss changes alot which is awesome and yuri from vesperia is prob the most relaxed main char in the series.but idk they could change your mind.

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Planescape Tormnet. As far as narrative goes, this was the zenith of gaming literature. I have seen nothing come close, not even Bioware's vaunted liberary  has ever reach such strong narrative as those shown in Planescape Torment. I sincerely hope that some point in the future I expirience another dose of nirvana that come close in the gaming medium, it is entirely possible because the thing holding it back isn't technology but humanity.

Tomba: I would like to see a sequel, but well, I can just hope!

Zone of the Enders: Its from Kojima, so it will be topped

Uncharted: Shure it will :)


yes I think those games can only be topped from its successor