Forums - Gaming Discussion - Will your favourite game of all time ever be topped?

My favorite game is always changing, thats because my expectations are changing.

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and i don't think will be topped this gen, maybe next gen with snake back in business

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Only infamous 2 can top infamous for me. I hope it will be done.

Fallout 3

And probably not but you never know with Skyrim coming this year! It could be awesome. 

Super Mario 64.

It may be topped but it's going to be tought. Metal Gear Solid 2/3, and Arkham Asylum ALMOST did it.

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Well it's kind of weird for me. My favourite game of all time is probably Heroes III. However every new installment seems to be better in some way. Right now King's Bounty which is totally a Heroes rip off is the most enjoyable game I've played, because it has all the awesome stuff and leaves out everything I did not like about heroes. So I guess my favourite game will probably keep changing every year or so.

Chrono Trigger, and under no concept any game will be even close to top it.

My Top3 games aren't even one year old, so... yes, my favourite game of all time can be topped. It could be this year, it could be next year, it could be later or never, but it can happen.

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Psychonauts is my favorite game. But there are a lot of really strong contenders coming out this year that Psychonauts barely edged out for being my favorite game (Portal, infamous, Uncharted, Kirby, and even the possibility of a Psychonauts 2....)

Heat said:


1. Persona 4

2. No - well not from this gen anyway. The only type of game I reckon could top it for me would be another story-driven JRPG and this gen has been pretty bad for that IMO. Maybe Persona 5 will be just as fresh and exciting as P4, or maybe I should look back to Persona 3...

Persona 3 is much better than Persona 4.... in story anyway. The gameplay is not as good as P4. P4 was an incredible game, but one thing that bugged me was that its plot mostly derived from plot twist instead of any real development or thinking.

P3 just dominates in that area. Most incredible character development I've ever seen, though it's music is not as good as P4.

Persona 3 is my favorite game ever though.

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