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Forums - Sales Discussion - The Offical January 2011 NPD Thread (Data in 3 Hours for Jan 3-30)

17th guys.

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Tagging indeed

My guess is:

wii - 315,000
360 - 299,000 ( shortages if there's any)
PS3 - 270,000

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Just to remember... tomorrow.

What time?

ethomaz said:

Just to remember... tomorrow.

What time?

The usual I assume 6:30. 


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So...3 hours?

jugon21 said:

So...3 hours?

no no 11:30PM UK time, so thats 12 hours to go

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

I can't wait to X360 numbers as a confirmation or denying of shortages.


5 hour to go.

is the data in the preview going to change i noticed some adjustments yesterday and since that preveiw was made pre adjustments


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