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Thought this was cool.  Who said you can't use Kinect for traditional games? lol


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Very Cool! Looks a bit frustrating though lol.

Kinect Has So much potential.

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Looks like a lot of fun.

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The controls look hard to pull off, I seriously would lack the patience to play a game of this kind with kinect

but looks mad cool thou

I agree about the controls being finicky but how long have the Kinect PC drivers been out?  A week?  And this is stuff people are coming up with in their basements.

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cool, but that must be hella frustrating!

I know I won't be the first or last to say it, but that was painful to watch.

thats pretty cool. always nice to see what people cancome up with.


Edit: It was actually a good idea he had on how to turn around.

Cool!!! ...only for the first level. Then return to the controller. This proof that Kinect has a lot of possibilities.

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i wouldnt have the patience using this lol