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If you're one of the sizeable number of people excited about the recently revealed Professor Layton/Phoenix Wright crossover, then Capcom has a little bit of bad news for you. In a post on the Capcom Unity blog, Joveth "jgonzo" Gonzalez said that the game is only confirmed for Japan, with no current plans to release it in the West.





WELL. Dammit Capcom.

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They want people to beg for it, is all.

badgenome said:

They want people to beg for it, is all.

exactly, I don't see how they could not release it in the west (even though we are talking about Capcom). It would be such a bad decision financially speaking.

maybe gonzo is trolling, since it's possible that it was only announced in Japan because it was in a japanese conference of a japanese company, so they're just waiting for the opportunity to announce the WW release (I hope so!)

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badgenome said:

They want people to beg for it, is all.

Then screw them. Gamers are not beholden to them. Plus even when they get the begging, they don't intend to give the gamers what they want anyway.

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They got nothing on Kojima

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its gonna happen. By now by a quick internet stroll any capcom corporate would have noticed this is a huge title for anyone who is into Layton at least. And Layton is actually huge in the west. Im sure this title would gather more sales than any phoenix wright before it on the west as well.

Ow they are such a tease...


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I'll believe it when i don't see it. Professor Layton alone is currently a consistently better-selling franchise than all but two or three Capcom series currently running


And either way, Level 5 is publishing. The ball is out of Capcom's court on this

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