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Forums - Sales Discussion - I Believe PS3 Will Be #1 Selling Console In 2011 What Do You Believe In?

GameAnalyser said:

pleas read my signature...that is all what is left now (americans are waiting for the price-cut)...well said BHR-3, my viewpoint coincides well.


also nice sig dont worry i believe soon you be able to put in recent WW sales, you can put : - D w/o the spaces for a smiley face it will look like this instead of just :D


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darthdevidem01 said:
Chrizum said:

Even if the Wii stops selling right now, the PS3 will never match it. So the answer is no.

Well re-read the thread title then

The first sentence in your post doesn't allow you to come to the conclusion in your second sentence.

Eat less donut's dude!

Oh, right, misread the post.

And yes, I should!

Icyedge said:
Mr.Metralha said:
RolStoppable said:

Japan usually signals trends first and I don't see a reason why it shouldn't be the case now. The PS3 is already beating the Wii there, so it's not improbable that it will do the same worldwide next year. But it's not going to happen because the PS3 will be selling like crazy, rather because the Wii will be down by so much. Just like in Japan.


What do you think "usually" is there for.

Not even usually. FPS, Xbox, handhelds, and many other counter examples. Sometimes at best.

Anyone can guess. It takes no effort to throw out lots of predictions and have some of them be correct. You are not and wiser or better for having your guesses be right. Even a blind man can hit the bullseye.

Icyedge said:
kain_kusanagi said:
Icyedge said:
kain_kusanagi said:

You can't use last years PS3 growth to suggest that it will continue to grow next year when right now it's down year to year. Last year the PS3 got a redesign and a huge price cute. Niether of those things are going to happen again. It might get a slightly larger harddrive or Move in the box and it might get a small price reduction, but it's never going to get the boost it did last year. As for it being number 1 in 2011 I don't see that happening either. If they drop the price, even a little, MS and Nintendo will do the same. Even if Move suprises everyone and sells more than it's meager numbers right now it will still have to compete with Kinect which at the very least should give Xbox 360 the same kind of boost. Next year should look a lot like this year.

Dont forget that last year revision was accompanied with a 100$ reduction (from 399$ to 299$). We can safely say a big percentage of the sales were because of the pricecut, not the revision. Its not like the revision actually add something. Next price cut will not be as big, as some fan re-purchase a slim PS3, but surely in the same ball park.

I only mentioned the redesign, I clearly focused on the, as I put it, "huge price cut". The PS3 will probably never have another boost like it did last year.

I see, but a price cut from 299$ to 199$ is likely, if its not 2011 its 2012.

I don't think Sony is going to drop to $199 USD any time soon. They only just recently started making a few dollars profit on each PS3 sold. I just don't think they are willing to go back to losing money on each PS3 sold just to outsell the competition. Maybe by 2012 the PS3 will be cheap enough to make that Sony can sell it for $249 USD, but I doubt they can knock a $100 USD of of production costs in just two years without a major redesign and I highly doubt we will see a third version of the PS3.

nice post. it was a good read.

I don't think PS3 will be the most selling next year because im sure the casuals will just eat up kinect. However i do think the PS3 will be the console of choice for most core and hardcore gamers next year judging by the software lineup.

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I do think the PS3 has a shot at being #1 for Q1-Q3 of 2011, though I'd definitely bet against it. I think the problem here is that the Wii's best sales are at the end of the year. I suggest making this thread months later, after we know for sure, that the Wii still doesn't dominate the holidays (America at least).

Taking the holiday period out of the equation, I can see any console taking 2011 (though still heavily leaning on Wii). I imagine all three will be getting price cuts next year.

It will.

Said this. Valkyria Chronicles 3 is PSP not PS3.

I think IF ps3 gets a $100 cut next year it will definitly be the best selling year for ps3 along with a vast ammount of exclusive for the system.

It will be its "peaked" year we could be looking @ 2009 but even bigger sales for PS3 all over again.

If it drops to $199 next year, it's possible. 

I think the ps3 will have its strongest year when it drops to $199.  If it happens next year, on the back of that software lineup, it should do very well.  Assuming the Wii either stagnates or continues its downward decline, and the impact of Kinect has worn thin by that time, then it's possible.


IMO, I think Sony will drop the PS3 to $249 in 2011 and $199 in 2012. 

I don't know, It'll be close.