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How often are you naked while posting at VGChartz?

0% to 16.7% 152 73.43%
16.8% to 33.4% 13 6.28%
33.5% to 50.1% 8 3.86%
50.2% to 66.8% 3 1.45%
66.9% to 83.5% 1 0.48%
83.6% to 100% 30 14.49%

However my dog is naked while posting on VGChartz

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I've done it once maybe in my robe, but I do look at my computer screen in my robe. 


pretty much never. Have a family and just don't wander the house nake.

Not even shirtless when posting.

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This thread needs more Bing Bong Brothers !

wtf hahahaha i've never done that

Everytime. Don't ask.

Yes, about 50% of the time. I get out of the shower and just love the feeling of being naked.

Once...It Was A mistake! okay!? im sorry!! *runs away* Wait ..never mind.

A couple of times..or at least half naked.

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Mmm, maybe VGC will start tracking other stats soon.

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