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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Ubisoft's "Fighters Uncaged" leaked. Kinect title.

Today, Xboxic has been emailed documents from a trusted source that details a brand new unannounced game from Ubisoft entitled: ‘Fighters Uncaged’ that is exclusive to theXbox 360 console for Microsoft’s Kinect device. The game is expected to be released during November 2010, to coincide with the launch of the new hands-free controller and uses full body movement.

Charge head first into the vicious world of illegal free fighting tournaments, where you will use every muscle in your body to beat down all who challenge you. No guns. No blades. Your body is the deadly weapon using only the power of Kinect!

Forced into a secret tournament, Simon must use what he learned from his father, an ex-boxing champ, as he faces off against violent combatants who will brutally unleash a range of mixed martial arts attacks to take him down.

ey Features

Full Body Combat

  • Using the power of the Kinect, for the first time, gamers are able to realistically fight using their bodies.
  • Unleash 70 devastating moves inspired by free-fight combat techniques.
  • Fight using your fists, knees, legs, elbows and even your head to take out opponents.
  • Body tracking allows for accurate dodging and blocking of incoming strikes delivering players directly into the game.

Brutal Fighting System

  • Unleash a chain of attacks with Fighters Uncaged’s multi-layered combo system based on deadly martial art techniques.
  • Deliver devastating super strikes triggered by both movement and voice-activated commands.
  • Execute merciless finishing moves to completely destroy opponents.

Deep Skill Based Fighting System

  • Use skill to learn your opponents fighting style and cruelly exploit their weaknesses.
  • Adapt your fighting style by moving closer to your opponent for stronger attacks, and alter your position to defend yourself as your every action is tracked.
  • Drive your enemies to the brink of defeat by stunning, exhausting and blinding them before releasing ruthless vengeance.

Enter into the Cutthroat World of Illegal Fighting Tournaments

  • Battle ruthless opponents each trained in a different deadly fighting style.
  • Fight through 21 diverse and gritty locations that react dynamically to the action.

Become a Master Fighther

  • Fighters Uncaged’s training system will allow for novice players to instantly enjoy the action. Experienced gamers can go deeper, learning the moves of a fighting master and pulverizing all opponents.
  • Access the tutorial system at any time to learn how to deploy lethal blows and receive tactical advice and hints.
  • Players receive accolades for their achievements and can collect over 50 game achievements.

Another document containing an interview with the development team detailed further aspects of the upcoming Kinect game as presented below.

Could you introduce yourself and explain your role in the project?

My name is Luc Verdier. I’m the Project Manager for “Fighters Uncaged”. I’m in charge of managing the entire team at AMA Studios (designers, programmers, graphic artists…) and responsible for the production of the game. My goal is to keep an eye on every feature in order to deliver a fantastic game to your retailers very soon!

Who is in charge of the development?

Our AMA Studios team is based in the beautiful town of Charleroi (Belgium). The studio was founded by Yves Grolet (creative director of awarded Outcast) and Christian Guillemot (CIO of AMA Publishing) to create this game. More than 30 industry veterans are working on “Fighters Uncaged”.

On which platform will “Fighters Uncaged” be available?

“Fighters Uncaged” will be exclusively released on Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect at launch date available in November 2010.

Can you explain to what extent the Kinect technology is a real plus for a fighting game?

Kinect bring us a fantastic and innovative opportunity to make players feel that they are actually fighting, and replicate the exact motions of a real life brawl. The Kinect can accurately detect full body movement, meaning each player can put themselves in the body of a real fighter and be able to unleash hooks, uppercuts, jump kicks, dodges, knock out blows, etc…. Moreover, it gives a fighting game a second layer of game play depth: The player needs to, of course, understand fighting techniques and strategy, but also really needs to manage their own physical skills. Being able to control these two layers provides an unprecedented level of depth that has never been possible before in a fighting game.

How many fighters do you battle with? Can you explain the basic structure of the game?

You will fight against 12 different opponents. Each of them has their own tactics and weak points. You will need to strategize and use different techniques in order to beat them.
To get through the three leagues of “Fighters Uncaged”, you need to acquire crown achievements by beating your own battle records for each opponent.

How many different moves do you have in the game?

Basically, there are more than 20 fighting moves in the game, inspired by Thaï Boxing. They are separated into punches, kicks and special moves. Additionally, if you take the super strikes (you need to shout while unleashing your strike) and the combos into account, there are actually 70 fighting moves available.

So tell us about the combos? How many are there? How do you trigger combos? What competitive edge does it bring?

Player will have 10 combos to viciously deploy. Our goal was to make them difficult to execute, require players to master the skills but very rewarding if done correctly. You will need to find the right opportunity to trigger them. But this game will be accessible to everyone, all players will be able to use some of the combos, but the best players will be able to trigger all of them.

Tell us about your favorite features in the game?

If I had to give you the three key features of this game, I would say that, first, you won’t find any other game with this level of depth of fight techniques. Second, there are many ways to beat an opponent depending of your personality (you can be defensive, offensive, try to use chain damages or focus on the weak points). Last but not least, “Fighters Uncaged” is a thrilling opportunity for any player to understand how fun motion gaming is on Kinect, and to fulfill the dream of having a go at a fighting game using full body movement and without the distraction of a controller.

Who would be the ideal consumer for “Fighters Uncaged”?

We wanted the game to be accessible for every player. Those who are playing a fighting game for the first time will have tutorials and advice about fight techniques and a smooth progression curve. Players who have fighting backgrounds will be pushed with “pro mode” (Kinect will detect your guard position and adapt the difficulty mode). I think that more than a fighting game, “Fighters Uncaged” is an immersive experience where each player will have an absolute blast playing.

Ubisoft has not yet made an official announcement, but it is expected in due course.

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Looks interesting. Looking forward to seeing how it performs.

iPhone = Great gaming device. Don't agree? Who cares, because you're wrong.

Currently playing:

Final Fantasy VI (iOS), Final Fantasy: Record Keeper (iOS) & Dragon Quest V (iOS)     


Got a retro room? Post it here!

Finally! an interesting kinect game. that's exactly the kind of game I've been waiting for. Let's hope it works well.

Many a furniture is gonna get broken because of this game!

I am actually really excited about this game. A real fighting game sounds awesome!

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Awesome ! a Kinect game to get excited for.

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This shall be the reason why I am going to buy Kinect

I am one of the 1 million that pre-ordered Halo: Reach...Are you?

I think fightning over which console is better is stupid, they are both good consoles with some ups and downs.

Looks fun. I hope you don't actually have to shout the commands. What I'm ultimately interested in seeing is whether or not it will have local or online multiplayer, that'd be a blast. :D 

lol.   Can't wait to see how many people get their asses kicked because they are too out of shape to keep fighting until they win.   Be even funnier if they get beaten by their grandmas - Wii Sports all over again.

Seriously though, it looks pretty cool and a much needed 'serious' game for Kinect.  But this is the type of game I'd love to play, at a friends house, cause it looks like too much work to play all the time.   Still, we've all ended up buying some of those games we played at a friends house.


You mean i can finally look like a mother f%#ing badass in six pax?!!?

this is actually the first kenict game i am looking forward to.

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