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This is true for everyone on the boards, but especially true for my fellow Wii lovers. Not because we're the worst; I don't think we are. But we're certainly in charge on a site dedicated to hardware sales, and as such, it's particularly important for us to be nice.

I think the hostility may be getting worse, not better, and it's discouraging. I want this place to be relevant and full of valuable information. I think it's important for everyone to be nice even when being trolled. Don't resort to calling someone stupid just because people aren't being honest or sincere. 


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Bodhi...I applaud your efforts.

 This is going to be fun to watch reaction wise.

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sorry what? i was distracted by elmo.

I'm going to say this very directly this time:

Wii fans have the power here. They are in control.

I don't mean that in a conspiracy, the-mods-are-out-to-get-360-fans sort of way, I just mean in that in the simplest way possible: the Wii is winning, and the Wii has the most fans on this particular site. Those two facts are probably related.

As such, it is particularly important for Wii fans to be understanding and generous. Don't tell other people their console sucks. Don't tell other people they're idiots unless they're in the bannination territory. And most importantly, don't lash out at people who lash out at you. I'm sure that seems unfair, but it's particularly important for those in power to not alienate and attack everyone else. It should be much easier to be nice and civil when your "team" is winning and you're constantly surrounding by cheering fans. It's much harder to remain interested if your "team" is losing and you're constantly being told how they're going to lose and how stupid you are if you think that will change.

Again, please. Be nice.">">

This seems like as good a place as any to post this.

I would like to thank all the mods on the site, but specifically Naznatips and SSJ12 for putting up with the BS that some spammers have been doing tonight. I know it can't be fun, but someone needs to do it, and I want you to know that your work and effort is appreciated by at least one person on the forum, although I am sure I probably speak for most of the people here.

So, yeah. Thank you mods!

Please, PLEASE do NOT feed the trolls.
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Thank you Bod.

I'll echo his sentiment. There seems to be a bit of a mob mentality lately. And it's something I'm going to be paying special attention to from now on. Take the high road people. The low road leads you right out of this site.

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Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

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dear bod,

i dont think u kno who i am but i luv u

ur secret admirer

Here's a video from my band's last show Check out more (bigger) videos here