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They can't lie, seems some people don't just can't understand this.

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postofficebuddy said:

Or perhaps we're undertracking it in the hard to track regions.

Although Sony probably is stuffing the channel to a certain extent.

they can't do that for 3 quarters, it's the retailers that decided how much they buy

Didn't sony just release the ps3 to like 6 different countries? I don't understand why people don't seem to get that

the ps3 is over stocked guys!


DUH the ps3 can't have sold that much, remember it's in 3rd place!


unknown_soul89 said:
Michael-5 said:

I do beleive Sony overships the PS3 console by a million units or so, but the main reason why the difference between the units shipped for 360 is only 3 million more then the PS3 is because Microsoft recently made the 360S, and in shipping fewer 120G models. This is because most people want a new 360S, and the issue is Microsoft is selling every unit on the shelf. They cannot produce as many 360S as consumers demand.

So give it a few months, Microsoft probably wants to overship their 360S's by the fall in order for retailers to have enough inventory for the holidays. For now, it just released a new model, and is having troubles producing as many units as consumers demand. I hear, 360S are still selling out in North America, and obviously Europe.

Dude if VG chartz are accurate in any way there are over 6 times as many ps3s in stores then 360s and thats just not the case their under tracking ps3 theres no denying that and I suspect their numbers for 360 are too high too

I recall at the start of the year Microsoft announced that 40.2 million 360 have been sold worldwide. At that time VGChartz only recorded about 39 million units sold. So if anything 360's are undertracked.

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all i know is the best buy here in okemos mi has about 75 ps3 madden bundles on the floor right now, atleast, then they have the plain ps3 with the 250 hard drive in another stack, and no one was even going down the ps3 row

Well if going by vg chartz #'s, at this point in time Sony has shipped roughly 2 million more consoles (shipments are probably a little over 39 million) than they have sold (37 million according to vgchartz). In all honesty  there's no way that a console can be that overshipped and  the #'s should be adjusted accordingly.

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