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I don't know how much of an issue this is for other people but the way writing a reply currently works is that you have a floating dialogue box above the page with the background slightly grayed out. The problem is that if you click off the dialogue box it closes and everything you've written is now lost and you have to rewrite the post.

Sometimes I'm looking up information elsewhere for my posts and click back over and it closes, sometimes I have to switch over to another applications to do something at a scheduled time or because someone is asking me for something and when I come back I click and it closes, sometimes I just plain misclick.  But no matter how it happens, it is really frustrating when it does.

The bottom line is that since this style of posting has been introduced I have had to rewrite an absurd number of posts and frankly I'm to the point where I just don't even bother anymore.  If my post is killed the first time I just say "oh well" and move on.  It's frustrating to have to rewrite a post occasionally...but having to rewrite like every 4th or 5th post is just making me significantly less apt to post. 

Honestly when I remember I don't even write posts on the site anymore, I open a text doc and write my post locally on my computer before copying it in.

So my question is thus: Is there any way we can get a confirmation dialogue before it closes to clicks off the edge?  Or even better just plain remove this "functionality" and let people click cancel if they want to cancel a post?

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So I missed some epic Sqrl posts... that's sadness.. :(

on topic.. I only like "lightboxes" for images not for when you're supposed to use them.. but it takes practise.. It's not so annoying when you are used to it.. talonman or ioi should be easily able the redefine the function that closes when you click on the darker part.. if they wanted..


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Can we just get rid of all the unnecessary JavaScript? I need to enable scripting just to make this site work. The button linking method is a useability nightmare, and I'm convinced that the use of the plus symbol as a string concatenator in JavaScript has something to do with why we can't use it in posts.


yes, it's annoying... now and days if I write a post more then a paragraph I just write it in notepad...

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It has happened to me a couple times, very annoying and yes I usually just not bother re writing it.

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It's made me post even less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


NOW A PUNISHER CAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Khm... Read the header as 'Mislicks'... Going away ashamed... :)

It would be nice to get rid of that. Now we have a cancel button after all, and it's pretty annoying having to retype your post every once in a while.

He who made the text box disappear when clicking outside deserves capital punishment. Well, maybe not really, but it is a really poor design choice. I hope it gets fixed soon.

i hate whining , but i really don't know why they had to switch to 3.0 , i mean the old site was perfect why fix it?

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