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Forums - Sales Discussion - Format war Bluray vs hddvd...


"online is just easier for pervs... more private."

Yes, it's more private, as long as certain criteria are met, as mentioned in my previous posts.

"you can download free software the cleans you computa from any porn links, cookies what not."

Not everyone is nearly as knowledable as most of us here in these forums are. Additionally, there are more serious consequences, like inadvertently downloading a flic with malicious code attached to it, that completely screws up your computer and most antiviruses cannot automatically delete, forcing you to follow manual procedures. I can tell you that even in the IT company where I work not everyone would have even the slightest clue how to clean out that kind of muck.

I got a link for free porn video streaming 24/7 ..... porn stores are dead.

Wow! Share it with us! No, seriously - share the wealth!

"even porn industry does not like hd that much.... you just dont want to see some things in THAT much detail..."

I know some people who don't mind the extra detail - especially the people that claim that HD is so much better because you can even see the individual pores on a person's face... now why would that same person be upset because said person can now make out the gooey residue emanating from a sexual orifice?

You know, not everyone a) cares for the anonymity (myself included), and b) not everyone's sexual inclinations are the same There are some very "peculiar" sexual preferences out there. Very very peculiar...

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@ kber81

"Sorry, no offense but you REALLY know nothing about on-line porn. Especially when you are talking about "specialized stuff" Don't compare teasers to full priced stuff."

I'm sure you are very knowledable about different people's unique tastes in sex, but that doesn't detract one bit my statement about people having a hard time finding stuff they want. Of course, you have already got your BS, MS and PhD in Google searching and your time in the "Vocational Porn School of Filtering Real Free Porn from Teasers" probably helped a great deal, but that doesn't change my point.

Seriously... do you really think it's so easy to find anything related to any sexual proclivation online? You must be a guru... I did my Uni thesis on Sexual Deviations and I had a pretty hard (but enjoyable) time finding all the reference material I needed...

Online porn will not go away, and it's very convenient, but sometimes I find it much easier to get what my partner wants in a store because she likes some funky stuff; and I don't see these porn shops closing down anytime soon around my vicinity.

You know, comparing the US to a small city/state (and all their online/brick-and-mortar shopping habits) is like comparing apples and oranges hetero and homo - they are worlds apart.

"BTW your post was very funny... Great Vizir of Porn... hahaha"

Well, at least somebody is laughing about porn!

Wow. A lot of porn talk. Regardless of the personal preferences of porn distribution. Porn stores are still everywhere, huge and profitable. it's a multi billion dollar industry selling porn on disks, in stores with covered up windows, alongside handcuffs and vibrators.

I actually knew a girl who worked at an Adult Video. It was pretty funny, going into visit someone at a porn shop. She once showed me the intricacies of porn categorization, and I assure you, it's more complicated than you'd think. She was also able to point out some great titles. My favourite so far is "You've got She-Male".

 So anyways! HD formats... yes, very important, gigabytes and laser diodes and stuff. 


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Chrizum is the best thing to happen to the internet, Period.

Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

Bet with dsisister44: Red Steel 2 will sell 1 million within it's first 365 days of sales.

...and she-males is barely scratching the surface...


(me being stupid) 

You said you had a "hard" time finding material


(/me being stupid) 

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...sometimes, the more you look, the harder it gets...

ohhhh yahhh.



since we kinda off topic. 

Where's that link???

Seriously... I'm not into bestiality - not yet... 

I don't think its bestiality, more like Mascots....

or more like fantasy cosplay