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dallas said:

Stever, and ookaze, y'all are really saying the same thing, about the YTD sales pointing to blu-ray's dominance ( or relative dominance) and that prices won't affect this.

Fine. But that is only b/c blu-ray seems to be winning in america, b/c america is pretty well-off compared to the rest of the world, so we will be the people that buy high-definition DVDs. The rest of the world, it seems, is going HD-DVD, so a minority of high-def DVD's will go to HD-DVD unless sony does something to reverse this trend.

if youre referring to HD DVD outselling BD in Europe as " the rest of the world is going HD DVD" then thats pathetic.

Australia largest retailer JB HiFi is only stocking BD, Japan is saturated with BD more than HD DVD and the european numbers were at something like 45,000 total HD DVD discs with 25k for HD DVD or something liek that......

I just dont see where the rest of the world is adopting HD DVD.


JB Hi Fi


Japan, last paragraph


Europe , 5th paragraph down, beginning with hardware


I dont see global domination......and heres another link that recently cameout about euro studio support .....however, when we see that these independent studios are acting on production cost, we can assume they are only wary of pooling money into a format war. as cite din the article these independant studios make up small portions of total european sales, i would HARDLY say that this justifies what you call "the rest of the world choosing HD DVD"

i mean, unless there are some missing news articles out there that i havent read in the last 9 months since ive been following this stuff.


EDIT: might i add the current articles concering HD DVD taking lead in europe have nothing to do with sales bu the small indie studios theyve secured that account for 30% of europe.....BD hasnt even begun to market itself in Europe liek they plan to, again, id hardly say signing 35 indie movie studios that collectively account for 30% of europes market is the rest of the world backing HD DVD. 

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hddvd is actually getting out sold in Europe. there are LESS then 200,000 hddvd players in the world, there are +3 million PS3s.

Hus said:
hddvd is actually getting out sold in Europe. there are LESS then 200,000 hddvd players in the world, there are +3 million PS3s.

 That is not a valid comparison.

 Barring those who could only afford the player first, all of those HD-DVD player owners have an HDTV. How many PS3 owners also have an HDTV? It may be more, but the 15:1 ratio you make it out to be?

And those of you, claiming 90% of PS3 owners have bought at least one blu-ray movie, are full of it. That's just looking at the total blu-ray movie sales to total PS3 sales. That completely ignores that blu-ray was available a half year before, was available on other players, and that people who could afford those, and an HDTV, would likely buy more than one blu-ray (unless you think they would spend all that money for just one film).

 Now I'm not claiming that this means blu-ray will fail. I'm merely pointing out the lies you are telling to make it look better than it actually is.

A flashy-first game is awesome when it comes out. A great-first game is awesome forever.

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ookaze said:

 In Europe, I've seen that the HD discs start to come at DVD prices in stores (30 €). That means there's now an incentive to buy them instead of DVD.

 Sorry to burst a bubble, but most people buy the DVDs when they scratch the 10€ mark or even lower.

And the PS-3 is at the moment incapable to scale DVDs. And even the Scaler Update will probably not go beyond the Xbox 360 scaler. You shouldn't expect a scaler that is normally used in 300€ or beyond DVD players. Even the 150€ mark is probably out of reach(you don't spend so much money for a simple feature, especially if you want to push BluRay). And even more important how many HDTVs are there and I would even expect that less then one third of the HDTV owners really bother with HD movies.

Not 1080p is the real mark while most TVs are at 1366x768, while even several 1080p capable TVs switch internally to 1080i !