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Forums - Sales Discussion - Americas Pre-order Chart (12th June, 2010)

Pos Name Console Weeks to Launch Weekly Change Total
1 Halo: Reach X360 14 25,899 324,584
2 Madden NFL 11 PS3 9 11,907 176,661
3 Madden NFL 11 X360 9 6,933 111,971
4 Call of Duty: Black Ops X360 22 17,663 78,170
5 Gran Turismo 5 PS3 N/A 833 75,824
6 Fallout: New Vegas X360 N/A 6,587 70,727
7 Crackdown 2 X360 4 7,080 55,427
8 Call of Duty: Black Ops PS3 22 11,529 54,952
9 Madden NFL 11 Wii 9 2,935 50,040
10 LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Wii 3 6,778 45,725

Full Chart:

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When are we gonna start seeing 3DS games there? :)

only 21 games in the top 50 are X360  not quite 50%


wow at new zelda wii!!

wow. PS3 Madden is a beast. >_< I wonder just how much it'll increase after E3 (or if it will even since sports aren't the most popular games at these events).

Lego Harry Potter is actually doing quite impressive. It's looking like it might have the strength to rival Lego Batman and Indiana Jones first weeks over over 100k for the first week. Probably even more considering that it's not really a title many people would normally preorder.

Deathsmiles is actually kind of shocking because it's not a very well known game. I guess it's more popular than I thought it was.

DDR PS3 is peaking its head in at 49, which is interesting considering it's the 1 DDR that doesn't have a previous game on it's specific console.

I'm expecting things to get really interesting post e3. :)

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17K pre-orders in its first week!

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

I'm disappointed with Halo Reach's numbers. It seems it won't outsell Modern Warfare 2.


I'm disappointed with Halo Reach's numbers. It seems it won't outsell Modern Warfare 2.

wow, you're really making this conclusion on the pre order numbers?!


You need to remeber they're releasing at different points in time.


I'm looking forward to seeing how Gran Turismo 5 will do after E3. Numbers should rise quickly because of the official release date.

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So... next week we'll see the impact of GT5's release date :P

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