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Reach is gonna dominate the next 14 weeks!

The next week or two should be huge for GT5 though since it finally has a release date!


Lastly I'm glad to see New Vegas getting so many pre-orders. It should be amazing.

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ElGranCabeza said:
GodOfWar_3ever said:

GT5 next week's bump predictions ? 

Tough to say, got a release date, beautiful screens, premium cars are detailed to a T, 3D impressed, 1080p60, etc etc

But the backlash of 80% of the cars being standard and PS2 cars without cockpit, as well as only 20 tracks has given it a big backlash, I don't expect a huge bump.

All cars have cockpit view. All cars don't have 100% detailed interiors. The remaining 20% of the cars are fully detailed in the interiors down to the T.

Wow Batman aa 2 at nr 41 and 47 and its realsing next year.


Good numbers for xbox/ps3..meh numbers for wii

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Golden Sun  -100 :(  WTF

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Looks like all the Zelda fans in hype went and reserved the game.  Will probably not do that again considering the release date is 2011 instead of this year.  What I'm curious about is, I've had the game preordered for months now haha.  How is it I did it last week?  I kid haha.

Other than that Reach and Black Ops set to be huge this holiday season.  I'm  kinda curious to see where some of the big holiday titles that were given release dates and announcements will start showing legs.  GT5, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Goldeneye, Fable 3, and Golden Sun should all start moving up.

Zelda already entered the charts? wow...

We must see Goldeneye, Kirby and DK enter soon the charts!

ElGranCabeza said:

Breakdown Top 50

X360 - 21

PS3 - 17

Wii - 7

DS - 3

PSP - 2

X360 is also 5of the first 7

End of 2010 Predictions




(Made on 6-10-2010)

Well, Wii never really got huge preorders for its games, but has monstrous legs.


I cross my fingers, I raelly hope DK manage to make 9-10 million. I really hope. It would tell Nintendo we still want DKC games!

BTW, the game looks incredible!

wow, 17k for Zelda, and that's before E3 week.