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Taking an objective measure of which company got the biggest bang for their buck out of E3 (discounting that MS probably spent way more bucks than the other 2; Cirque du Soleil can't have been cheap to hire) I believe Microsoft did the best. Sony is the loser by a small margin.

What was my objective measure? Google News.

I did a simple search of Google News "E3 2010 Microsoft", then "E3 2010 Nintendo", then "E3 2010 Sony". The results of those searches are:

Microsoft: 4813 news hist

Nintendo: 4305news hits

Sony: 4268 news hits

Kinect wins E3 over 3DS and Playstation Move in terms of generating the most news media coverage. I suggest the real winner of any conference such as E3 is the company that gets the most mainstream news coverage, not the one who the industry pundits and forum dwellers think put on the best show / had the most killer games / was hardcore enough / has the best tech / had the hottest booth babes.

Yes, this is only a quantitative measurement, it doesn't measure the quality of what's in the news media about each company atE3 and their respective new hardware they showed off. It's possible that MS has proportionally more negative news articles than the other 2 given some of the reactions from people on this forum, but even so I doubt it's as much to wipe out the >500 hit lead MS has over Nintendo.

So there you have it, a totally objective measure of who won E3. Do you have a better objective measure (gaming forum polls are not particularly objective)? If so does it yeild a different result?


Did you go from saying this is 'qualitative' in your second to last paragraph to saying it's 'totally objective' in your last?

I'd say MS with slim/Kinect - and of course the mad show - generated the most search interest - but it doesn't mean anything without further qualification or understanding of the data.  All those additional searches could be around negative elements like the timed Kinect show during the show, for example; that would hardly be a win as that would mean the increased searches, etc. were around the transmition of negative information.

It does mean MS generated the most searches on Google, as you note, but I don't see that as anything close to an Objective win.  It is what it is and nothing more.

My view - the only way to judge who really won is to see how well what they announce really does.  Generating interest is only a marketing win unless you see results.  As far as I'm concerned MS haven't seen results on last years E3 yet as Kinect still isn't out.  They've pitched it twice but I'm not judging results until January 2011.  Same for Sony with Move or Nintendo with the 3DS.

All that can be judged right now is short term marketing/PR success - but that means nothing without follow on real world business results.

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joeorc said:
psrock said:

This is getting sadder each passing  day.

Did they search 3DS?

it's not even every's just plain

Going to have to agree.

I think you'd need to have seen something the rest of us didn't to claim MS won E3.... It had the air of Nintendo 2008, I was expecting a MS representative to continually refer to 2 or 3 core games that are coming out for the 360, like Reggie did back in the day (as if to say 2 or 3 for the year would be enough). Pretty sad.

...Joke thread...

Otherwise, then just ...WOW.

Sony won, cause they gave the official release date for GT5.

yea cause 4000 of those results couldn't have possibly been microsoft sucked balls at e3 2010.


just saying

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richardhutnik said:

... Kirby!  No one else comes close to be an EPIC YARN!

Yard Cutness > all!

i almost agree i just need to know if kirby can still absorb powers ! if not Good kirby game but i want a new one thats more classic kirby 

No, I won E3. Get it right.

3DS> Everything else at E3 2010.


Huh? Here are my Google news counts.

Nintendo e3 2010: 4410 results
Microsoft e3 2010: 4090 results
Sony e3 2010: 3980 results

Nintendo wins?