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Forums - Sony Discussion - The Official 2010 Sony E3 Press Conference

I think the biggest news is about the Steam support for the PS3 version of Portal 2.

Just want to play good games

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this isnt the end is it?

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Portal 2 better console version... just PS3... oh Gabe.

.jayderyu said:

Well I doubt Valve had much of choice. With their parent company likely giving a heavy handed approach. Though it's good that Valve is branching out and Sony consoles gamers can enjoy Valve games.

Parent company?  Valve is privately owned, there is no parent company.

Portal 2 (and future Valve support) is a huge win for PS3 owners though.  I love the irony inherent in Valve saving Sony's conference too.

If they dont show Agent today, does this mean its multi now?

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saicho said:
Onyxmeth said:

I've been out of the loop. Why is him announcing Portal 2 for the PS3 a big deal? The first one was on PS3 too.

first one was a port by EA, and not made by Valve directly.

So that's why people in this thread were going through a typing spasm, because this time it's not a port?

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Looks like it's ending.  Just a trailer highlighting all the games they showed this conference.

Which is a great way of highlighting how little they showed.

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haxxiy said:
Barozi said:
Tanstalas said:

I shit my pants when Gabe came out, then shit my pants even more when he said Portal 2 was going to look the best on PS3

he didn't say that.

It has some kind of Steam integration

Yes he did say it.

he said on consoles, it logically can't touch PC.

Neither MS or NIntendo used their 2 hours don't think Sony will either

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Sony wastes a lot of time showing us trailers of games we've already heard about 4 or 5 times in the same conference. I don't see why they need 2hrs, they could easily fit it in one if they didn't show all of the same ads over again.