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Forums - Sony Discussion - The Official 2010 Sony E3 Press Conference

Oh yeah! Its not over yet lmao. We might just get a few surprises and if not .. THERES ALWAYS GDC & TGS!

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For me the highlights:


1. Sorcery- man that was awesome.

2. KB coming on stage have a great laugh with his funny jokes.

3. Paatapon 3!!!!

4.  Heroes on the move that's awesome. Can't wait for that game.

5. Gabe showing at Sony's conference. ( I am not a fan of valve but that's one of the surpises there )

6. Twisted Metal one word awesome!!

7. Parasite eve even though Sony didn't made a proper trailer for it. I was amazed. Parasite eve is the greatest thing I saw on Sony'conference.


1. too much talking

2. No ape escape!!!

3. No Agent!! dammit.

4. No Insomniac game for crying out loud.

5. No PSP2 what the fuck!!



I rate Sony's E3- 8 without sorcery, twisted metal and Parasite eve. It could have been a 6.

No worries atleat Nintendo deliver excited for my upcoming Wii and for the 3DS WOOOOH!

Nintendo >>>> Sony>> MS

seeing a lot of identical post here.

just because you(mostly everyone) who didnt see the game you really wanted to see, doesnt mean it was bad.

besides, 90% of their showcase was leaked. that being said, they showed games, and lots of it. but sadly, 2 hours just wasnt enough for all the games for each sony system. be happy.

lol, just saw the kevin butler speech lol

Time to Work !

infamous23 said:
Metallicube said:
eggs2see said:

I think you lot saying nintendo's was the best have lost it.  I guess it's all just personal opinion with regards to games, but on a presentation level the fact that sony could properly demonstrate move, live, while nintendo failed and microsoft's kinect i'm pretty sure wasn't live demo's speaks volumes to me.

Honestly move is looking like the best of the motion controls by far after this.

Oh and comeon surely im not the only one who thought microsoft's presentors were wayyyy to camp and nintendo wasn't much better.

Good on sony for gettin up there and just talking to us like we are normal people and not having silly gimicks.

Dude, with all due respect.. Are you nuts??

Zelda Skyward Sword reveal and footage with 1:1 motion, Golden Sun DS, Goldeneye Remake, DQIX, a brand new Donkey Kong Country from Retro, Kirby, Epic Mickey Footage, Mario Sports Mix, plus the reveal of the new handheld 3DS, 3D movies and pictures, Kid Icarus, with tons of other announced games like Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Sonic, MGS, Resident Evil, Kingdom Hearts, Paper Mario, Assassin's Creed, and many others.

This may very well have been one of E3's best conferences EVER.

Sony meanwhile had let's see.. Twisted Metal and Portal 2. And a bunch of Wii immitators.

This guy is living proof that no matter what Nintendo does, some people will never be pleased. But I guess that's true with anything.

Of course all this praising of Zelda:  Skyward Sword isn't really looking at the logistics of the game and how it will play. 

     You're not going to be able to make all those sword, shield, and other motions while sitting back in your easy chair, and do you really want to be standing up swinging your arms around for 40 hours of a long action adventure puzzle game?

Sony showed very few Nintendo imitators.  That was Microsoft.  And let's see the Wii imitate Killzone 3?  Heck, let's see it do it pixel for pixel.  Only problem with that is Wii can't.

I may be a nerd, but I'm not an atrophied cripple.  Zelda looks stunning and the implementation makes sense and honestly doesn't seem all that different from what Sony's doing with that Sorcery game.  Hands on impressions for Zelda are great as well, there's reason to be hyped.

And really, outside the brief Zelda interference flub, the Nintendo conference was excellently measured, timed and planned.  They really went from strength to strength to strength.  I don't think it's near as slick as Microsft's flawless E3 conference last year, but for Nintendo, it was quite literally beyond expectations.  And frankly, it kicked the shit out of Sony's boring, stilted presentation this year... I honestly think Sony did themselves something of disservice with all the montages and trying to cram in as much content as possible (yet still missing TLG somehow?).

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The gaming press liked it.

Onyxmeth said:
shanbcn said:
leo-j said:

I have to admit the things that impressed me most include:

PS MOVE being $49.99 (Kinect is $149)



But complete bundle cost is 99$. Still way better then 149$.

Comparatively speaking though, isn't the closest thing to the Move the Wiimote? I mean Kinetic might be pretty expensive, but it's also something totally different from Move. How does Move fare price wise to the Wiimote?

Add in Move set = 80 (if you already own a PS Eye) Wii remote set = 60 and thats 80 and 60 PER PERSON Kinect is for everyone from the start, people can hop in and out.  If you want 2 player Move then you're over the 150 dollars already, if you want 4 player Wii you're over 150 dollars (Wii already comes with one set remember so thats 3 extra sets at 60)

Any way you slice it, for price vs number of players Kinect wins, cause you can also add in things like WM and balance boards plus whatever Sony might release in the future.

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saicho said:
disolitude said:
Onyxmeth said:
disolitude said:

Holy crap Jaffee...could this game mode be any more complex?

HA! I was thinking the same thing. I love car combat, but that is an extremely complicated premise to explain to everyone. The game is starting to take on a bit of Warhawk it seems. 

I don't think there is anywhere left to go with car combat as a standalone game. I mean, sandbox games already do have car combat, some of them pretty sweet combat (prototype).

I guess his thinking is that complex game modes = next gen car combat game

so does this mean this Twisted Metal game would be online/multiplayer only?

David Jaffe has said in the past that he'd never give up on single player/split screen so I wouldn't worry about that happening.

another place who loved sony e3

it's the future of handheld


The official Vita thread

Well it started off slowly but definately improved for the second half. I guess we have to remember that they can't fit everything in to one press conference and looking at the E3 schedule on the youtube site, Sony will be showing more footage of those games (as well as Motorstorm and Socom) in the next couple of days.

My highlights were just how impressive GT5 looked, although an EU release date would have been nice. Also very exicted for LBP2, it really does look like it will provide a multitude of gaming experiences with just one disc.

Despite all that I'm still very depressed :(   As soon as the conference was over I switched on my PS3 and after 5 minutes got the YLOD so looks like I won't be playing anything for a while!!