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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Your favourite games of 2006

It's voting time!! Give us your top 5 games of 2006 and we'll do a tally to decide which you like most - 10 points for your first choice, 7 for your 2nd, 5 for your 3rd, 3 for your 4th and 2 for your 5th! Mine are: 1. Zelda: Twilight Princess 2. Gears of War 3. New Super Mario Bros 4. Brain Training 5. Resistance: Fall of Man

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mines is Twilight princess

LoZ:tp why are you asking in 2008?

What is with people bumping the ancient ioi topics lately....looks like the admin's got some stalkers.

sc94597 said:
LoZ:tp why are you asking in 2008?

 Cause it was posted over a year ago haha.

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LOL whats with the old treads? Anyway, Twilight Princess. NSMB closely behind.


Zelda or Resistance... god thats a hard decision.

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6 replies? This thread failed when it was made, who would of thought, maybe all our failed threads are going to come back to be popular.

LoZ: TP. :)