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Fighters, I think though that's because the people that are good, are GOOD.


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Any game where stealth is required.

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Another question, do you still like those genres? I suck at Madden, but I LOVE it!

Racing games. I'm an amazing car driver IRL but terrible in video games.

I'm at least pretty decent at everything. I supposed worst at music games but thats mainly because I don't enjoy the vast majority of them so just don't bother practising.


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I agree with fighting games. I don't think I've ever managed to do a proper combo. I just mash the buttons randomly and hope for the best.

FPSs on consoles - it's not like they're unplayable, they're just so much worse than playing them with a mouse I don't even bother.

RTSs - I don't have a complex brain to play those games. I seriously freak out with so much things to do in a short period of time. Lol, I've seen some videos of starcraft where the guys click the mouse 600 times per minute! How??? Lol, we need to clone those motherfucker's brains and use them for the good of science, not the good of the Protoss!

Fighting games and shmups. But I love them anyway!

And racing sims, but I'm not much of a fan so no loss there.

Probably strategy games, and certain fighters.

Strategy games are kinda just in general though it's probably because I hardly play them.

When it comes to fighting games I can be the king with some of them, but everyone whips me when it comes to games like Street Fighter.

I'm crappy at console fps, but that is not "me" sucking it's the controller..
other than that I'm pretty bad at reaction based games like Bayonetta, Ninja Gaiden and so on..