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alfredofroylan said:
Sempuukyaku said:

We need to have a discussion about this, because he is by far THE LAMEST Nintendo character we have. Even lamer than Daisy in my opinion. Is there anyway whatsoever that he can be revived to be a more serious contributor to the Nintendo family? Even Wario has a very successful line of his own games. Seriously, what the hell is going on?

Wrong, this's Nintendo lamest most brilliant character ever.

Fixed. Tingle's awesome. Besides, he's had 4 games of his own, don't see Waluigi doing that.

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Daisy is awesome, I really hope she gets used more in mario games instead of peach.

MontanaHatchet said:
If you've ever watched any popular sci-fi shows (Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, etc.), then Waluigi is basically the "red shirt" guy. Except he doesn't die.

I wish he'd die already.

Love it.

I actually like Waluigi.  I would actually considering buying a Wario Bros game way before any of those garbage WarioWare games that come out.

For me he adds a nice mix to the sports/kart/party games.  I always like more selection choices in games like that except when they are just clones.  Thankfully they only made him a trophy in Brawl and not like Wolf just go get another Star Fox character in there.

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primogen18 said:
I agree, please no voice acting lol, but I happen to like Birdo, whatever it is, because I love SMB2.

OK, now that I think of it, Birdo isn't that annoying, but he's at least freaking creepy. (Yes, it's a he!!  I was shocked too!) I mean c'mon! Sh-... HE got arrested for using the women's restroom! How many Nintendo characters can you-... Hold on, scratch that. How many VIDEO GAME characters can you name that has done that?!?

Oh and don't get me started on the whole "Yoshi <3 Birdo" thing. There's a VERY good explanation for that! They're just friends. Because Yoshi's the only one who's mature enough to not make fun of he-...*Sigh*... Him, because he's a little... different.

Oh and if you think my explanation was gonna be: "Yoshi's gay" , GTFO! Yoshi's a freaking badass! 

Was not the first game Waluigi showed up in DDR: Mario Mix?

So the lamest character comes from a dancing game.
Imagine that.

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even his name doesn't make sense
Wario was "War" wtf is a Waluigi?

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I aggred until you said "lamer than daisy"
she is an awesome character even better than peach

Snesboy said:
The Ghost of RubangB said:
Daisy is older than Wario or Yoshi. She was the princess you saved in the first Super Mario Land. I'll have none of this Daisy bashing.

But Waluigi was just there for symmetry of Mario/Luigi/Wario/Waluigi for the sports games. I think he was in a tennis one first. Totally pointless.

I won't have it either. That was the first princess I saved, not that chick Peach or Toadstool or whatever!


And I liked Super Mario Land more than Super Mario Bros. 3, just throwing that out there.

Super Mario Land is awesome.


famousringo said:
JerzeeBalla said:
The worst part is his name, even THAT was lazy. Mario has Wario. Simple play on the name. Naturally Wuigi doesnt fly, so they needed something else. But Luigi just gets a Wa- thrown in front? It could have been something silly like Luwigi, Weegeelu or something stupid, but at least it would have shown an ounce of effort.

'Warui' is the Japanese word for bad. So Waluigi is literally 'bad Luigi.' It's a pun which is lost in translation.

Though it must be noted that originally, it was quite a lucky translation. 


Wario was the first one with the pun on "warui", it was pure luck that it happened to come with an upside down "M", AND the word "war" in english. 

In Japanese, it was also extra luck that after that, "Luigi"  happened to be an EVEN BETTER japanese pun on "warui", (especially with l and r being the same in japanese anyways). 

Only that latter one fails a little bit in english, but with that lucky streak they couldn't just scrap the whole thing...

Birdo's a dude?
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